Monday, January 08, 2007

Mirrstalanche !

UPDATE - Blimey. It's a Mirrstalanche. Over 1000 hits (mostly Altavista image search) today from people looking for a post from eighteen months back that doesn't even have a picture, just a link to one. What's Helen Mirren been up to ?

I don't know. Enough to make one despair. Years of political blogging for an audience of seven or eight hundred people, and your top posts are a Helen Mirren photo link, the Bowyer-Dyer fight video, and something that attracts googlers for 'decapitation video'.

Bloggers like Tim Worstall are carving out a second career - so I note the occasional post cunningly designed to snaffle Stateside traffic with a wry smile. Not my thing at all. Perish the thought. This blog is designed to lower my blood pressure rather than raise my overdraft limits.

But all the same. It wasn't even a very good quality photograph. People searching for Ms Mirren in her pomp are probably better off here.

(It's not a bad film, btw. The late lamented Dorothy Tutin is superb)


Anonymous said...

Phew, thanks for the pic link. She were a cracking bird in them days. (And still very handsome now)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I also sweat (though fortunately only part time) to alert the world to issues of social injustice, and err, noone cares. I then lose the plot on a train one day when i notice that everyone is reading OK or Hello and noone is reading a serious newspaper. I then blog about it. And hey presto, the traffic pours in. Why? pics of Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie.

I dont know why i bother (though i will undoubtedly do it again)

have linked to your blog btw as i enjoy your rants about the Mother Country.

Yours Despairingly