Friday, January 12, 2007

"His native Southampton"

Well, I suppose it's possible. Maybe his folks fled Pinochet's violence.

One for Martin Kelly here, methinks.

The very wonderful Lifestyle Extra reports :

A bouncer who stabbed an American exchange student 11 times in the head and back as they lay in bed minutes after having sex is facing jail.

Pedro Barrios-Telosa, 22, who is believed to have been high on drugs, pleaded guilty to the "shocking and terrible" attack on Hispanic student Claudia Ramirez who he had known for only two weeks.

Prosecutor Christopher Hehir told the court Barrios-Telosa was sane and not suffering from a mental illness.

Outlining the case, he said: "Their relationship came to a shocking and violent end on that evening when, having just had sexual intercourse with Ms Ramirez, he picked up a sharp knife and repeatedly stabbed her about the head and body.

"Having done so, and having dialled or attempted to dial 999, he left her, although not before stealing her laptop."

It's another depressing tale of Brit justice, actually. He's pleading guilty to 'wounding with intent' to avoid an attempted murder charge. Five years or less is my guess - and you only serve half. Be out in no time - and he really sounds like he's got all his ducks in a row, doesn't he ?

As Mr Hehir told the court about the facts, Barrios-Telosa stormed out, as he had done so throughout the hearings as his lawyers tried to talk to him.

But it was this that caught my jaundiced eye :

Barrios-Telosa was arrested after he fled to his native Southampton, but refused to talk to police claiming he could not remember the events. He was remanded back into custody and will be sentenced next month.


Anonymous said...

Armed Police are such an advantage in reducing Court appearances

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link.

As you might have expected, I had already checked this character out, using a drill I have for investigating ambiguities such as this - check Life Style Extra then do a Google search.

As of Wednesday there didn't seem to be any indication that he was from anywhere other than Southampton, which was why he hasn't been included as a Foreign Criminal of the Day.

I refer to the BBC's habit of not mentioning foreign criminals' natonalities as 'Baybasin's Disease' after Abdullah Baybasin, the Turk who controlled 90% of the heroin imports into the UK and whom the BBC insisted on describing as being 'from Enfield'.

The most recent example is the rather tragicomic case of Yinka Oluyemi -

Anonymous said...


LSE is always very much more candid about reporting defandants' nationalities -

The case of Patricia Carvalho de Braga is a good case in point -

If there nationality isn't mentioned in LSE then more likely than not they're Brits

FlyingRodent said...
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alex zeka said...

The eloquence shown by the airborn one makes me think that he is most probably a victim of some degenerative mental condition, possibly caused by excessive level of anti-gentilism operating in his bloodstream. Or maybe he just read 'How to lose friends and alienate people' and chose to took the advise there profferred as literal.

flying rodent said...

I want attention! I want people to come look for and read my blog which I mentioned before. I think if I roll up and start using foul language and insulting other people who have blogs it is going to make people want to see what I have to say. Now I am dribbling all over my chin and it is getting onto my plate of easily-chewed mash. Nurse! Come wipe my chin! It's your job!

Laban said...

Alas, flying one, I've had to delete your comment, entertaining as it was, as it transgressed the unwritten law on the use of the c-word, the f-word, the p-word and the r***p**** word.

This blog is rated 12 (moderate sex references, mild language, some violence).

Please repost with replacements. I recommend 'cretin' and 'helminthic'.


Laban said...

Well at least it made me look at his blog. Imagine if DK was a leftie and read a lot of Harry Hutton. Meeiiooww!

Actually its quite droll (damn w/faint praise).

Has he thought that the easiest way is to link to me so I link back ? I'd link to Satan himself if he linked to me.

Anonymous said...


Retro Labanus!

Anonymous said...

Just thought I let you all know this guy is born here in the UK and his folks are from Chile.