Thursday, November 02, 2006

Any Relationship ?

"Some 1,500 migrants arrived to live in the UK every day in 2005, according to official estimates.

Government figures suggest 185,000 more people came to live in the UK than emigrated in 2005 - making the population grow by 500 a day.

According to the figures released by the Office for National Statistics, the largest single group of immigrants were 121,000 arrivals from "new commonwealth" nations - principally, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka."

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) said there were 8,113 tuberculosis cases in 2005 - up 10.8% on the 7,321 cases in 2004.

Levels of TB have been increasing year on year in the UK since the late 1980s, but this is the largest increase in any one year since 1999.

The highest proportion of cases were in people from an Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic background - up from 2,574 cases in 2004 to 3,075 cases in 2005.

Dr John Watson, head of the HPA's Respiratory Diseases Department, said the largest increase was seen among people not born in the UK, who accounted for 5,310 cases.

Levels of TB in the UK-born population remained stable, he said.

Only 22% of the non-UK born sufferers in 2005 arrived in the UK during the past two years, he said.

"This suggests that the increase is not a result of a large number of individuals arriving recently with TB but rather a combination of TB disease developing in individuals who may have been infected for some time and new infections acquired in the UK, or as a result of travel to other countries where TB is common," he said.

It's late in the evening, so the brain may not be functioning correctly - so talk me through this again.

TB cases up by 800.

5,300 cases out of 8,300 in non-UK born people.

"Only" 22% of those 5,300 cases - approx 1,060 cases - are people who arrived in the last two years.

So the figures are up by 800. 1,060 cases are people who arrived in the last 2 years. And Dr Watson considers those figures suggest "the increase is not a result of a large number of individuals arriving recently with TB".



nzconservative said...

These immigration figures show the problem with immigration from non-European countries.

Non-Whites can't seem to live without their extended families.

Whats the bet most of these immigrants are getting in on family reunification schemes.

Since most western countries have little room for more immigrants, and their infrastruture systems are operating at bursting point, they shouldn't be accepting immigrants that begat more immigrants.

Reunification schemes should only apply to children; not grandparents, uncles , cousins and parents of adults.

My parents moved from the UK to New Zealand in 1971 and seem to get on quite happily without any of their relatives- why can't the current crop of immigrants do the same.

Verity said...

"Non-Whites can't seem to live without their extended families."

It's not that they can't; it's that they don't want to. So the British government,ignoring the damage that is doing to the infrastructure and health service of Britain, paid for by British taxpayers, indulges them.

Only the core family should be allowed in. Actually no one else at all should be allowed in. We're already overloaded with them.

Interesting post about TB - I believe we were the first country in the world to eradicate it. That it has reappeared is iniquitous enough, but how about the AIDS that is imported? And treated on British taxpayers' money? Why are no examinations required before they are even allowed to book a plane ticket and given a visa?

Sick people should not get in to leach off the welfare schemes that civilised countries have provided for their own citizens and paid for by their own citizens. I really have no interest at all in whether they will die of their disease if it's left untreated. It's a cruel world.

Anonymous said...

If a family wants to be re-unified then the solution is simple: GO-HOME-THEN.

I dont include Kiwis in that btw.

I read somewhere the other day that American blacks (as a group) receive more in benefits than they pay as tax. True? I dunno. I wonder if any similar stats could be found for the UK.

Still, diversity is such a boon we shouldnt nitpick over a few financial trivialities.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps with the import of TB it would be better to require all immigrants to wear the veil.

Anonymous said...

In Bradford, & probably similar elsewhere, the majority of marriages among the ethnic community have one partner from the sub-continent.

This country should at least introduce the Danish law that refuses admission of non-EU spouses where either partner is less than 24 years of age.

UK males would not be interested in marrying an adult peasant from back home & UK females by the age of 24 should be more intedependent minded & refuse being hampered by a peasant spouse.

Martin said...


Quick personal story...

My mother contracted TB as a teenager in the '50's, and was cured though streptomycin. However the six month lay-off effectively ended her schooling, so as can imagine that I was not thrilled to be caught up in a TB scare at work last year.

The propaganda handed out by Greater Glasgow Health Board was that the majority of cases in England were amongst immediate immigrants, while the local cases in Glasgow were amongst 'British citizens' - not a particularly helpful demographic guide to a disease we wiped out 50 years ago, and a fantastic argument against hypermobility.

Everyone travelling from Africa and South Asia, not just travellers but citizens, should be screened for TB and HIV upon either entry or return. You might remember a programme that Rod Liddle did on Channel 4 a couple of years ago, in which he produced the stat that black Africans comprise two per cent of the population but provide 36% of the HIV diagnoses.

We cannot afford this. It is not fair. We are not the hospital to the world.

And the sooner that the 'family reunification' scam is finished the better. If migrants want to keep in contact while working overseas, let them buy phone cards. International calls have never been cheaper.

Serf said...

This country should at least introduce the Danish law that refuses admission of non-EU spouses where either partner is less than 24 years of age.

Seconded, it will only really impact arranged marriages.

Anonymous said...

We are not the hospital to the world.

International Health Service based on uninhabited island off Mainland Europe broadcasting to the world through BBC World Service about the attractive multicultural and vibrant culture of the Early Settlers from the iNdian Subcontinent..............job vacancies cannot be filled and there are new mosques in search of congregations

Does anyone wionder why 66% immigrants are from The Subcontinent ?

AntiCitizenOne said...

Choose one.

Unfiltered Immigration or a welfare State.

Multiculturalism (multi-demos) or Democracy.

Future Wealth (capitalism) or Equal Poverty (coerced collectivism).

Imprison criminals or imprison non-criminals

Anonymous said...

And then the Government throws money at them.... If you visit you will find £7m being spent on initiative to engage Pakistani and Bangladeshi wives (with the occasional Somali thrown in). The reason for this is they have overwhelmingly the highest rates of economic inactivity (i.e. they claim proportionately more non-work related benefits than any other groups - income support, incapacity benefit and the like). The project is being commissioned in London, Birmingham, Bradford/Leeds, Manchester and Leicester. The outcomes expected are modest, and according to Jobcentre Plus' own figures in the tender specification each job obtained will be at a cost of over £6,000.
However, this money is on top of the ridiculous National Employment Panel’s Fair Cities programme in three of the locations mentioned above (London, Birmingham and Bradford). Birmingham Fair Cities has yet to commission £5m to spend on getting (predominantly) ethnic minorities to work.

verity said...

Anonymous 2:59 - Who, in God's name, would hire a Bangladeshi woman? For what conceivable job? They're probably being hired as cleaners in hospitals, which is why British hospitals have all these killer superbugs. They have no concept of hygeine. And they can't understand instructions given in English.

Anonymous 12:23 - "I read somewhere the other day that American blacks (as a group) receive more in benefits than they pay as tax. True?" I don't know, but I doubt it. There are millions of middle class black people with lovely homes and recent cars; and thousands of rich black people. Millions more blue collar. There are families with generations of welfare dependency, but I dunno.

Also, it's unfair to make the comparison because American blacks did not push and shove their way into America. They were kidnapped and transported as slaves. They have been in America almost as long as white immigrants and they are as American as white immigrants. So it's not a fair connection to make.

Anonymous said...

Heathrow and Gatwick airport have full time doctors available to screen people. Theoretically a person could be refused entry if they were a medical risk. However the lawyers would soon be hounding the Immigration officers if they did. In Dover from 1997 till around 2004 when the immigration controls moved to Calais, tens if not hundreds of thousands of migrants turned up. Many with communicable diseases, yet there was never a full time doctor. There was a doctor on call but half the time the twat was too lazy to come out and would try and screen "patients" over the phone. In one instance this contributed to the death of an "asylum seeker" who had dragged herself all the way from Turkey with gangrene of the ass. Obviously no other country in between could be trusted to give her medical treatment or asylum. I fear the damage done to Britain by the scumbags in power will only get worse as time goes on. The only real hope is if we woke up and told the EU to fuck off and closed our borders and started deporting the thousands of wasters who are here illegally, but I doubt anyone has the stomach for this option so we will continue to decline till we become a third world country.

verity said...

Disentangling ourselves from the EU is critical to our health.

I also think that a clever law firm could come up with some ideas for putting Emily in the dock - if the cash for peerages scam gets buried. He needs to be tried for what he has done to 58m citizens of Britain. The wanton, malice-laden destruction of a once great country and an on-the-whole gentle, civil society. The Victorians would be appalled and shaken to see what he has done with their superb legacy.

I hate tony blair and the slithy toves slithering around his ankles and I want him to pay.

Guessedworker said...


I've blogged at MR on the TB issue, and I will just quote one passage that is relavent to Laban's post and your first comment:-

"Ever since immigration began in earnest in 1954, TB infection from abroad has been on the rise. Immigrants from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have been the greater part of the problem, both new arrivals and the more established who follow the common practise of “visiting home”. But TB is also riding on the coat-tails of HIV-infection via Africa. There are some extremely worrying multiple drug-resistant strains caused by mutations of mycobacterium tuberculosisa known as MAC or MAI. These are rare in general terms but spike among the weakened immune systems of AIDS patients. Treatment can last thirty months (where effective) and is hugely expensive just for that reason."

I don't think that becoming a people ridden with TB and AIDS was part of the "openness to diversity" deal. However, the Health Secretary, that creature Hewitt, avoids the issue like the plague, so to speak, lest we natives comprehend and discriminate on the illiberal basis of skin colour.

It is more important to the liberals mind to chase Rainbow Britain than it is to protect our lives.

Voyager said...

Who, in God's name, would hire a Bangladeshi woman?

I think you will find they are employed as "translators" so courts, officials, police etc can communicate with their fellow Bangledeshis who cannot be bothered to learn White Man's Tongue

West Yorkshire Police spends £1 million on translators each year

The best thing would be to pay ZERO benefit after the second child rather than making Tax Credits an annuity and to make all application forms available ONLY in English

verity said...

Voyager - Yes, all application forms for anything in Britain should be in the language of our country. Or application forms in other languages could be available for a fee. Say £20. Otherwise, tough luck, Yasmin. No translators paid for by British taxpayers. Anyone who needs the services of a translator should pay for the translator's services.

There should be no council houses for foreigners until every indigenous Britain has been housed. No brides or bridegrooms from overseas. A law against marriage of first cousins should be brought in urgently - how has tony blair missed this opportunity to create a new law? - as the defective offspring they produce are a drain on the NHS which is mainly paid into by people who do not enter into incestuous marriages.

A requirement to take out citizenship after five years in the country, including an exam in the English language and a test of knowledge of British history, or get the hell out.

Plus, for God's sake, get some decent clothes! You look ridiculous trailing around rainy British streets in your saris and those awful pyjama outfits the men wear.

Guessedworker said...

No, no. Let them wear bones through their noses. It doesn't matter. We don't want them to integrate. We don't want them to speak English. We don't want them to have any greater contact with us or ours than is needed to book the tickets back home.

The only thing worse than a Multiculturalism that doesn't work is an Integration that does. We cannot survive a successful Integration, buit will be swallowed in a sea of Third Worlders and self-serving Marxist non-judgementalism.

Keep awake and don't recommend Integration in any form. You are doing Blair and Phillips work for them.

verity said...

I absolutely do not recommend integration. If there were only a few of them, yes, but I'm not going to welcome 2.5m muslims into my home - especially as they are devoted to such a primitive desert tribal cult.

I assure you, I do not do Blair's and Phillips's work for them. I want to see every single immigrant who is being supported by the British taxpayer sent away somewhere. I don't care where.

It would be cheaper to offer them a lump sum to go home, first thoughtfully taking a smear of their DNA and a retinal photograph so they could never sneak back in.

We will eventually see this, I think, not just in Britain, but in other parts of Europe. Germany may be first, because they were smart enough not to give them any right of abode. So they can send as many of them back to Turkey as they feel like.

Laban said...

I'm not into all this stuff about "non-whites do this" and "whites do that".

All I'm trying to do is pinpoint what appears to be a regimented turning of blind eyes by our rulers.

And unlike GW I think integration is both possible and desirable. But the good news from his perspective is that it won't happen - the numbers are just so large that there won't be any incentive to integrate.

verity said...

This talk of "whites" and "non whites" is silly anyway. Integrated black W Indians are far more like us than are Pakistanis. There is no way I would think of a black American as being any different in any way from a white American. (They both arrived around the same time - the whites of their own volition, the blacks by kidnap.) It has absolutely nothing to do with colour or race. It is a problem with an alien, primitive religion that they are trying to impose on the host nations of Europe and Britain.

The British government is intentionally blind for four reasons: 1) They loathe Britain. 2) They are deeply malign. 3) They are hoping to get in on Arab money when they leave politics (a la George Galloway, whose fancy footwork got him the money while he was still in politics), like Jimmy Carter and Clinton and/or they are hoping for preferment when the caliphate they so long for is imposed. (Which it won't be; but it won't be for lack of trying.)

KC said...

I think when people mention the term "non-white", what they are referring to is CULTURE rather than skin color.

We just have to quit being afraid to discuss these issues openly without fear of being accused of "racism" a term that has become well over-used.

It's not the number of immigrants, where they're from or the color of their skin that's the problem.

The problem is that MOST of these immigrants are NOT willing to adapt and assimilate into the host nation's society. A process that's taken place many times through out history withought the immigrants losing their cultural heritage.

In my opinion, a society made up of different "tribes" of people who are unwilling to assimilate, contribute and unify to a certain extent is doomed.

History has shown this.

Infrastructure should never be a problem as the human race is brilliant and adaptable when not kept attatched to the nipple of the nanny state. (can't believe I just typed that!) lol

I'm not pretending to be all smart and intellectual! Just what I believe.

kc said...


I'm not in the UK, never been there. I'm a life long admirer of British people & hope to visit someday.

I simply enjoy reading opinions from free thinking sensible people from other parts of the world.

It is WONDERFUL to know that there are like minded Brits; Conservative, Libertarian..or simply people who happen to agree on certain issues. A fact that IS NOT presented in the media.

Thank God for the internet.

Guessedworker said...


Non-whites do do "this" and whites "that, whether you are into it or not. Race is real and racial differences are profound.

A successful Integration does not stop at the de-culturation of foregners. The bus-burners of les banlieues consider themselves French first and Moslem second.

It will be found that a successful Integration requires panmixia, and in the fullness of time that will prove a white genocide ... the production of Brazil in Europe. The 2001 Census revealed 893,000 mixed-race Britons already.


Africans are, of course, genetically more distant from any other people than those people are from eachother. Move out of sunny Mehico to any black area of the US. You'll see what I mean. Better yet, try Haiti where the writ of evil white racism has never run, and excuses for the nature of things can't be found.

Because blacks have little culture and an awful lot of biology it doesn't mean that they are more like us than Pakistanis and North Africans. They are LESS like us. But of course, none of them are like us, which is the whole point.

One last thing. European slave-traders didn't run all over West Africa kidnapping suitable slaves. The bought them. And the people business had been big in Africa for centuries before Europeans got involved. One of the delightful differences between Africans and others is their uniquely non-cooperative version of individualism.

Verity said...

KC first: S/he writes - Infrastructure should never be a problem as the human race is brilliant and adaptable when not kept attatched to the nipple of the nanny state.

As you have never been to Britain, or probably anywhere else, I believe you made this statement without any foundation except wishful thinking. The whole of Great Britain would fit into the state of Texas three and a quarter times. We are a small country. We don't have the room. We already have 60m people here. We are running out of water. They are concreting over parts of our wild areas to build accommodation for uninvited incomers. And people who do not want to live anywhere near the ghettoes that incoming Pakistanis and Bangladeshis form so they can live identical lives as they lived "back home", except with free housing and free weekly money, move further and further out into the country. What is happening in Britain is that two parallel cultures are developing - against the wishes of the British, who were never consulted on this erosion of our nation.

Guessed Worker - I take your points, and you are right of course, the Africans were sold to Arab slavers by their own people - as horrible as that is to think of.
And you are right about Haiti.

On the other hand, surely you would agree that British black people are far better integrated and have adapted far better to life in Britain, and they share our sense of humour - and they are, in the main, Christian - than Pakistanis and Banglandeshis who are schooled from birth in an alien, primitive and aggressive desert cult.

Since islam was first invented, it has been a territorial aggressor, and we see that they are still up to their old tricks in Western Europe. Unless these people are slashed right back - no funding for their endless unelected and therefore undemocratic special pleading gigs. Close them all down or let them fund themselves. I'm sure the Saudis would kick in with a few dinars. Why should the British taxpayer pay to have his culture destroyed, especially as Blair and the socialist government are such eager allies?

Also, Guessed, I would add that British black people do not harbour murderous hatred for any of our constituent parts. The muslims are murderously aggressive against Jews - who have played and do play an important role in British arts, sciences and philanthropies and are very well-integrated.

We simply should not be tolerating a group of people threatening murder to another race of people on our soil. The Jews are part of our landscape. If the muslims don't like that, they can bugger off elsewhere. And those making threats against the Jewish people, or being grossly insulting by styling them "sons of pigs and monkeys" should be arrested for race hatred. Unlike Islam, Judaism really is a race.

Guessedworker said...


Blacks ARE the greater threat because they continually push to miscegenate. You've known me long enough to know that my ultimate value is our genetic self-preservation. Culture is fine but it is a secondary value. If we miscegenate ourselves away we have gone forever, even the resultant people wear drink tea in bowler hats.

Jews are profoundly problematic. I would be in favour of mass aliya because it is the only means of insulating ourselves from the termitic subversives and cultural warriors each Jewish generation produces.

The JQ is the test of two things:-

1) Whether as individuals we are truly aware of what has happened to us, and inwardly free of the racial slurs that are still lavishly employed by activist Jews against our ethnic self-interest, and

2) Whether we are mature enough individually and collectively to handle the Question with the caution and high principle it demands.

Of course, there are many fine Jewish men and women. I have Jewish friends. It isn't the point, and should not blind us to the special and relentless nature of Jewish self-advocacy.

If one thing would help us more than any other it is that the wisdom forms among our people both to understand what that self-advocacy produces and to resolve it.

Laban said...

Guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

PS - I do think the JQ is overdone - you wouldn't believe the number of hits I've been getting from people trying to find out if mass-murderer Mark Goldstraw is Jewish.

Guessedworker said...


I would not trespass in your house. In any case, I am only a temporary guest here until we can vanquish the bugs - possibly "human" ones - in MR's software. We averaged 49,020 hits per day through October, peaking at just over 54,154 on the 17th. Going like a train. Then excessive CP usage wipes us out, but the processes involved aren't ours - they belong to the hoster. So it's all rather odd.

Anyhow ... if you feel you wish to indicate which part of my JQ comment you disagree with, let me know. If not, I understand.

Dave said...

GW: I agree the country has problems but I think you're a little crazy tbh.

If Jews really wanted to dominate they aren't doing a very good job of it, they are the biggest abortion advocates in the world, and not just for other groups as you might suggest.

As a group their birth-rate is hopelessly low, both in US and Israel, probably Europe too although I don't know that one.
As laban posted a few days ago Mormons now out number Jews in the US in under 40 age group.

In a democracy you need a strong favourable demographic in the long term, even if you can buck the trend or trick people in the short term.

Guessedworker said...


You are doing a great job of slaughtering the strawmen.

Try reading the following extract from the last chapter of the late Samuel Francis' essay "Why the American Ruling Class Betrays Its Race and Civilization" in the book "Race and the American Prospect". It will help you relate activist Jewry to the greater, anti-white, anti-nation whole.

You can read the chapter in full here ...

"... These ethnic forces, articulating their own strong racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious consciousness, invoke managerial liberal slogans of "equality." "tolerance," "diversity," etc., to challenge traditional white dominance but increasingly aspire to cultural and political supremacy themselves.
excluding whites and rejecting and dismantling the institutional fabric of their society. Kevin MacDonald has documented in immense detail how Jewish groups seeking to advance their own ethnically based agendas have accomplished this,30 and since a central part of those agendas include the eradication of the historic ethnic, racial, and religious barriers and beliefs that excluded Jews and were perceived as leading to their persecution, the Jewish agenda and that of the managerial elite are in this respect perfectly congruent with each other. Indeed, so prominent have Jews become within the elite (especially its cultural sector) that it is fair to say that Jews within the managerial elite serve as the cultural vanguard of the managerial class, providing ideological justification of its structure and policies, disseminating its ideological formulas to the mass population, formulating and often implementing specific policies, and providing much of the specialized educational training essential to
the transmission and perpetuation of the technocratic skills of the elite.

In this respect, Jews perform a support function (in this case, a cultural and ideological one rather than tax-collecting or money-lending) for the largely non-Jewish elite similar to those they performed for various European aristocracies in the past (e.g., in early modern Poland). Thus the
emergence of "neo-conservatism" in recent decades reflects not only the
Jewish interests and identities of its principal formulators and exponents but also, unlike the older conservatism of the pre-managerial elite, the interests of the managerial class as a whole in conserving the new political and cultural order that class has created but rejecting and dismantling the pre-managerial order the older conservatism sought to defend.

The managerial elite, however also has allied with other ethnic and
racial groups, most of which share its interest in eliminating white racial identity and the cultural forces that support it. Like the Jewish allies of the elite and the elite itself, these non-white groups seek to eradicate white racial identity and its institutional expression, but unlike the elite, they also often seek to promote their own racial consciousness and identity. Thus, while explicitly white racial identity is virtually forbidden and strictly punished by the managerial elite, institutions that reflect explicit non-white or anti-white identities are tolerated and encouraged. Groups such as the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"), and any number of professional, student, and political organizations, the names, membership, and agendas of which are explicitly racial, are not only tolerated but are often the recipients of millions of dollars in grants and philanthropy from the managerial state and managerial corporations and foundations."

Dave said...

GW did you see Labans post "breeding for god"?

Thats what will determine the future, not the silly political posturing of the day.

Guessedworker said...

Ah, Kaufmann's essay. Red State America and all that. Not very interesting.

Look, Dave, there are two distinct issues which, intellectually, cleave the whole thing open.

One is the great issue of power and powerlessness. The other, which of course is related, is the loosening grip of European peoples on their homelands.

Demographics, which means immigration/emigration and birth-rates, locate within the framework of the latter.

Mature consideration of our collective plight must include both.

The JQ falls within the first issue. Europe's Islamification falls within the second.

Personally, I tend to blog more on the homeland/demographic issue because:-

1) It's difficult to explain the power issue to outsiders, and

2) The most urgent need to point out what is happening to our populations in terms of deracination, dispossession and the loss of their protective culture.

That doesn't mean that the power issue is less important, and there are a number of free-thinkers, especially New Right philosophy types, who completely eschew racialism to concentrate on power.

Similarly, there are many - the BNP, for example - who narrow everything down to second-issue Islamification. That is a purely electoral choice - talking about what their potential constituency can actually SEE.

Perhaps I will put together something at MR on the power issue this week.

Dave said...

But GW if Jews wanted to dominate, surely they would be interested in having a 'lot' more children.

In California Mestizos are becoming increasingly powerful demographically and don't want the tiny minority of Jews to be controlling everything as they pretty much do now.
So why would Jews support open immigration that has caused this, it is not to their advantage at all.

Steve Sailer wrote a while ago about jewish policies causing a reduced jewish influence.

Seems to me GW, you would rather blame 'the other' for our problems that blame ourselves, dumb sefl-hating white liberals are the biggest cause of the Wests problems.

Guessedworker said...


You are confusing the demographic issue with the power issue. Until you understand the lines of influence of both you will not be able to see clearly.

Jews, situated within the power game, do not need numbers.

Numbers, ie negative demographics, are in fact one of the methods by which power is established over the white world.

It isn't a Jewish elite that is establishing this power but a WASP elite abetted by Jewry because their interests are congruent.

Always look at the interests of the actors to see who they are and why they are behaving as they are.

The rest will fall into place and you won't need to invent false meme like me hating "the other" in order to explain what hitherto has not been clear to you.

Read Francis's entire chapter, because it is a very sound introduction to the power issue.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

And as usual, Guessedworker expends about a thousand words or two to say 'its all the nasty Jews fault.'

Save yourself some time and just repeat those six words over and over every time you post. Be a lot easier on our scrolling fingers as well for that matter.

Guessedworker said...


Read before you type.

If you have troubled yourself to read those "thousand words" you will see I said that Jewish ethnic particularism is located within one of the two great issues confronting the Western world. Specifically, in my comment imediately above yours I wrote:-

"It isn't a Jewish elite that is establishing this power but a WASP elite abetted by Jewry because their interests are congruent."

Now, when we debated on your website I attempted to explain to you that you are intellectually colonised. You blind out the meaning of a pro-English argument because your head is filled with pro-Jewish argument.

You have demonstrated precisely that in your comment.

Be your own man, and not a little Englisher mischling. And try to read what people actually write before you attack them.

Guessedworker said...


One particularly revealing instance of "the power paradigm" was the words of Gen Wesley Clark, speaking of NATO's war against Serbia.

He said, "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."

Clark, as it happens, has Jewish lineage and, in his own words, identifies strongly with Israel. But it doesn't matter, because he speaks here as a member of the traitor-elite.

These people have replaced the old pre-War elite. The latter had its faults, no doubt. But, generally, it adhered to the natural, primary preoccupation of preserving and advancing ethnic interests. The modern elite is the opposite.

To be precise, it is not just people but forces to which they, as individuals, adhere that tend to the destruction of our etnicity and nationhood. The dynamics of those forces - hegemonic political and military power, global finance and capitalism, the liberal intellectual hegemony and, yes, organised Jewry, among others - flow together, directly against the preservational dynamic of our nature.

We, the powerless, are left facing our collective fate with no influence. We cannot understand, we cannot communicate with our own people, we cannot change anything.

It is a war, and we scarcely raise a fist. Most of us are rendered content by a bit of prosperity and celeb gossip, and accepting by a bit of demonisation of any racial dissidence.

That docility we must break.