Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's "notorious" ! It's "infamous" ! It's the Tebbit cricket test !

The icons of multiculturalism continue to shatter. Here's BBC Radio Four commissioning a documentary on the cricketing loyalties of British-born Pakistanis. Well, well. Maybe the old racist had a point after all.

On now - you can hear it here for a week. Despite the obligatory liberal genuflections (let's have anti-English Guardiansta Mike Marquesee for some impartial comment, shall we ?) there's some interesting stuff there.

And some depressing stuff. The young people who say 'we're Pakistani and we'll always be Pakistani' seem to take the Duke of Wellington's wiew of nationality. I can't find it in my heart to blame those who consider any English defeat as 'revenge for colonialism', though. That's what they've been taught in school and college, by white teachers and lecturers. But we'll only have true integration when young British Asians who read of the 57 Mutiny, or Clive at Plassey, can think of the British troops as "us". Way to go. Not getting there will have - and has already had - consequences.

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