Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Link

Choice Cuts. Mr East seems to have the root of the matter in him, despite the Thatcher quote at the top (yes, "there are individual men and women, and there are families". But the whole is - or should be - greater than the sum of the parts, the glue which binds and strengthens the whole being a shared history and culture).

There are a few defunct links too. Voice Of The Future seems to be the voice of the past. The Trouser Quandary Resolution has vanished, leaving barely a trace of his eccentric world. And the Bedsit Bomber has disappeared. Unless Jonathan tells me otherwise, I'll assume he's being held at an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe until he tells them where the bombs are.

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jonathan said...

Just as Dr. John Reid has a dark Marxist past, so does the Bedsit Bomber have a surprisingly orthodox present. He's chucked in the weapons of mass destruction and is now Mr. Bloggers4Labour. So not so much a victim of detention without trial as a perpetrator...