Sunday, October 22, 2006

The BBC - recruiting people like this

I think this chap's got the perfect worldview for a young BBC employee. Justin Parkinson will go far. I think they got him from the Brighton Argus.

Multicult ? Check - although I think there's a bit of tongue in cheek there. I hope so.

"For many of us, this pearl of cultural diversity and tolerance in north-east London is little short of an earthly Eden."

Grasp on reality ? Check.

I saw a couple of kids throwing bangers around in the beautiful Clissold Park - described by the show as a "crime hotspot".

It's hardly Mean Streets, is it?

Er .. would that be this Clissold Park ?

Faux-radical politics ? Check.

In fact it's much like the whole premise of dividing the country into where's "good" and where's off-limits to property price-obsessed, culturally blinkered, bourgeois philistines.

You can almost hear him biting back the words 'Daily Mail'.

No posts now till Wednesday - I'm orf dahn the Smoke to see Velasquez !


Blognor Regis said...

culturally blinkered, bourgeois philistines

I'm forever staggered by some of the things even the likes of Harry's Place say without irony but sure no one can be say that without their tounge planted firmly in their cheek can they? It's straight out of comedic arch middle class lefty casting 101.

JohnM said...

The juxtaposition of

property price-obsessed


Oh, and property prices are on the up too, you know.

is interesting.

He clearly likes to have it both ways. Prices going up suggests the area is improving but if anyone else notices, they are obsessed.

max said...

The BBC are in dire need of clearly marked, neatly designed opinion pages. They could move two thirds of their news content there. Then they can charge for it so there's no need to pay the TV tax. Voila, problem solved.

TomTom said...

Without the BBC where would all the English and Sociology graduates go ?

Anonymous said...

Strange that those who spit hardest at the bourgeoisie are 100% products of the, er, bourgeoisie. They are utterly bourgeois in their habits and tastes, they just happen to have been able to occupy a niche in society where they can languidly attack their equals and make a living from it.

AntiCitizenOne said...

"Without the BBC where would all the English and Sociology graduates go ?"

Where they belong, on the register of the unemployed. Just another reason why I'm in favour of graduates paying for their own courses rather than taxpayers.