Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Government Control Of Immigration

"Local services across England are coming under huge strain as a result of unprecedented levels of immigration, council chiefs said yesterday.

They accused the Government of failing to take account of the massive influx of migrant workers, especially from eastern Europe, in their financial settlement for local government.

Over the past 18 months, about 9,000 new National Insurance numbers have been issued in Slough, of which just 150 went to British nationals. Yet, in 2004, the Office for National Statistics recorded only 300 international migrants settling in the area."

"Council evidence suggests that the population is continuing to grow. Workers from Poland were the biggest applicants for National Insurance numbers, at 2,561, followed by Somalians, mainly entering from Holland, at 1,193."

The Pub Philosopher has more on Somali migration.

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Rick said...

We are ruled by imbeciles. Faced with a very crowded island which has too few roads and too many houses England decided to pack a few more in.

Not content with a regular inflow from the Indian Subcontinent, and more recntly Africa, the ever generous A C L Blair invited Central Europe to come and learn English here and gave the impression there were lots of super jobs available.

Thus my local Polish shop had people turning up asking who would allocate work to them - as if Britain could ever be so organised.

Having introduced a Minimum Wage we know have a Government conspiracy to undercut it by letting gangmasters import ever cheaper labour.

The Germans are boringly organised and make people register for a Residence Permit with the landlord having to counrersign and say how many square metres of space each person has for living space.

Now that would throw laisser-faire Britain for a loop. Imagine actually knowing who was living here and how many to a room !

The Miniters tellus about the great ONS Statistical Office which is so bent by Brown that even the Bank of England ignores its random numbers as does The City. They have a 2001 Census which was so badly organised that over 1 million men are said to be missing from its figures with huge funding impact for local authorities.

Anyway faced with local authority funding problems, NHS deficits because of agency staff, and huge housing shortage, our imbecilic government dismantles passport control and invites the world to come to this Ellis Island off the European Mainland.