Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Get Your Copy Now !

Of the fascinating document "Early Removal Scheme For Foreign Nationals", dated May 2004 and handily available from the Prisons Service website.

In what we've come to accept is best Government IT practice, the document seems to have been heavily edited - and the edit history is still on the document.

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MartinC said...

And also, in what we have come to perceive as standard government practice, it says in 43 pages (I stupidly hit the print button) what should really have been said in one succinct sentence: "Foreign nationals who commit crime are to be deported."
It then proceeds to obfuscate with procedural detail (which does not belong here) and also to hedge with so much obscure decision criteria that any individual case could easily be argued either way.
Prevaricate, Obfuscate and Confuse. Standard home office practice.