Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Clash Of The Credibility Titans

Gary Glitter :

When asked if sleeping with an 11-year-old girl was alright, Glitter said: "I'm a father, so from time to time these things happen. Your daughter will come into your bed in the night because she's scared or something like that. This happened in this case over here. She was scared of ghosts, so under pressure I said OK."

Charles Clarke :

Mr Clarke defended his record and was forthright in his belief that he should stay on.

"I have tried to deal with some fundamental issues," he told the paper. "We have still got some challenges which still need to be completed and I think I am the best person to carry that through."


Anonymous said...

GG seems more credible than CC it has to be said.

fido said...

Its speaks volumes that Glitter comes across as more believeable than Charles Clarke.