Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Everyday Stories Of Underclass Folk

Her local councillor described her as 'a loving and caring mother'. Not quite loving and caring enough not to OD while in charge of her child. Her three year old son lived for several weeks with his dead mother, surviving on food in the larder.

A happy ending though.

The council is also introducing a new support service for drug-using mothers. Isn't that lovely ? How caring can you get ?

Manwhile, in the Land of Bastards ...

"Chloe was a battered and neglected child. They failed to take her to baby clinics, would not sterilise her bottles and would not communicate with professionals. Chloe was a normal healthy baby who needed care and nurture. Sadly this was not forthcoming."

The court was told that in the weeks before her death, Chloe was admitted to hospital with bruising, underweight and in obvious distress. Doctors were extremely concerned by Chloe's physical state and by her parents' lack of co-operation, Mr Murphy said.

"Chloe was discharged but readmitted to hospital weeks later with breathing difficulties," he added.

She was admitted to the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, on 2 April, 2003 with injuries including a fractured skull and breaks to all her limbs. She died nine days later.

Who killed her ?

"All the injuries could have been inflicted in one single incident. The prosecution cannot say who that could have been. It may have been a third party."

The cat ? The fairies ?

Another happy ending.

"Sending you to prison would be completely wrong."


Dave F said...

I haven't the heart to follow the link. How long will these brutal kilings be repeated, over and over, because children are commoditised by social services and judges?

People who do this deserve life in prison or a mental hospital for the criminally insane, if they haven't all been shut and the inmates tipped into the street. At the first sign of such abuse -- and BTW any ordinary person can soon see the symptoms -- the child should be removed from his or her torture chamber forthwith. I would actually feel tempted to off bastards like these if I came across one.

ian said...

Its a good job they didn't run the kid over, then they'd really be for it

Anonymous said...

Legalise drugs, but on conditions of getting yourself sterilised.

Rob Read.