Saturday, December 03, 2005

"Most Racist Murder Victims Are White"

Slowly, the MSM (always excepting the BBC of course), are waking to the possibility that racism may not be a disease only affecting people with white skin.

Sean O'Neill in today's Times.

A Home Office report reveals that of the 22 homicides classified as racially motivated between 2001-04, the majority of victims (12 cases) were white.

When you consider that a non-white killer practically has to sign a confession of racism witnessed by a bishop, a magistrate and a GP before the police or courts will accept it, those figures are remarkable. Christopher Yates' attackers weren't racist, were they ? After all, a white judge has said so.

The similarities between the two murder cases (of Anthony Walker and Christopher Yates - LT), and the differences in their outcomes, has left the Yates family feeling that it has been treated unequally. “I understand what Mrs Walker and her family are going through. We are going through exactly the same thing,” Rose Yates, Mr Yates’s mother, told The Times.

“But it appears to me that we have experienced a different measure of justice than they have experienced.”

O'Neill's report considers the possibility that the gentrification of East London is leading to attacks on whites 'moving into Bengali neighbourhoods'. I'm pretty sure we used to call such people racist thugs - when they were white, that is. It also mentions Kriss Donald, Ross Parker, and the almost unknown Gavin Hopley, a lad who got lost in Oldham after a night out (he was not from Oldham) and was killed when he looked for a taxi in the wrong area of town.

Killer (le mot juste) quote :

The Commission for Racial Equality, asked about anti-white racism, said that there was little, if any, research on the issue. The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, where Mr Yates lived, said its community cohesion unit did not want to comment.

UPDATE - compare the police and local authority response to the murders of Johnny Delaney and Peter Stone.


Anonymous said...

The full article's here

Brituncula said...

It may be worse than we think as there are an unknown number of murders which never make it out of the local press.

dearieme said...

Is it time we had an effective impeachment system for judges?

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a discrepancy in the sentences handed out to the murderers of Anthony Walker and to those of Kriss Donald, bearing in mind both cases were deemed to be racially motivated.

From the Times article on the murders of walker:

“In Huyton, Liverpool, Mr Walker, 18, who was black, was attacked by Paul Taylor and Michael Barton and killed with a savage blow to the head with an ice axe. They were sentenced to at least 24 years and 18 years, respectively.”

So far one man has been convicted of murder in the Donald case, Daanish Zahid 20, sentenced to 17 years.

Jim Miller said...

Here in the United States it can be even worse. About six years ago, a black woman raped a white woman in the Seattle area. (Forced her to commit oral sex, if you are wondering.)

The rapist was caught, tried, and convicted. In court, she said that her motive was that she hated white people. I saw that astonishing story once -- on a local TV program at noon. They did not run the story again. After that slip, it was almost completely suppressed. The two Seattle papers gave it three or four line and buried it deep in the paper, with no mention of the racial motive.

So the rapist confessed -- but our local journalists thought no one should know about that confession.