Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Christian Doctor Forced Out By Muslims"

Egyptian doctor Joseph Erian, a Christian, "has accepted undisclosed damages after claiming that he was forced out of his job by Muslim colleagues."

It seems to be getting bad in Egypt, what with the church attacks and all.

Oh - sorry. He didn't work in Egypt. He worked in Lincolnshire.

Keffiyeh-tip - Irene Adler.


Phil Jackson said...

Some more detail here:

pommygranate said...

I forwarded your last post onto a friend of mine who is a cardiac consultant in a major London hospital. He had this to say about the BMA

"The BMA has been, and always will be, the most spineless trade union ever. By definition the only people with a say in it are people who aren't busy doing their job but pursuing more important "radical" causes. the BMAs latest quest seems to be to send me circulars every twenty two minutes advertising financial advice and products so it can make a bit of money. The only time I have asked them for help they have been utterly useless. I could go on and on but it is very depressing."

Steve said...

This sounds very strange to me. Our hospitals are full of Christian staff.

I reckon they didn't take against him because he was a Christian but because he was an Egyptian Christian - so either a Copt or (gasp) an apostate.

Dr. Laszlo Jamf said...

Professionals in a "union"?

That's deeply weird.

What exactly do they need collective bargaining for? How does doctors' pay in the UK compare to that in the US? Or is it just a fashion statement? If so it's a gruesomely retarded one.

Renegade Eye said...

I found your blog surfing.

I read your post. I didn't know, if I should laugh or cry.

Good blog. I added a link at:


Anonymous said...

Dr erian CV was discovered to be containing experience he did not have. He claimed religious persecution by the consultant who pointed out his lack of progress, was awarded public money as he obtained the job on the basis of the lies in his CV