Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Links

I don't know what other people think. About anything, but particularly about the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. The number of links to my blog fluctuates wildly, and the 'show all links' feature doesn't work.

Still, for one day I was a Large Mammal - a few months back. Yesterday I was ranked about 2,000-odd (Marauding Marsupial). Today, 5,000 (Adorable Wee Rodent aka Dirty Stinking Rat) and apparently only 10 sites link. Soon I'll be back where I started - an Insignificant Microbe.

I'm not sure how well the site is working. And it used to be so good (i.e. when I was ranked 1400-ish).

So it's thanks to Blogshares for information on a few newish sites which I ned to link back to.

I'll update this, but I'll start by saying that The Trouser Quandary Resolution is not usual. Highly unusual in fact. I don't know which bit of the West Midlands David Hadley comes from, but it makes him write things like this.

Or this :

"There was a time, but then, there usually is. Time gets everywhere. If you are not careful you can find a whole pile of unused days down the back of the sofa, with no idea how they got there, or what you intended to do with them.

But, you get a lot of that, these days. I blame that Common Market. There was none of that in my day, but occasionally some in the night."

Compared to this, Minstrel In The Gallery, Mensa Barbie and Kalahari Lighthouse are positive monstrosities of normality.

Oh - one more - and what a title. To The Tooting Station, comrades !

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