Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bang !

Irene Adler on the mysterious suicide bombing outside an Oklahoma stadium packed with people. Did the poor chap, like many a young man in a hurry, go off prematurely ?

She also links to more classic Mark Steyn, on the Tory council who have banned pigs - including Piglet, Pooh's little friend.

"When every act that a culture makes communicates weakness and loss of self-belief, eventually you'll be taken at your word. In the long term, these trivial concessions are more significant victories than blowing up infidels on the Tube or in Bali beach restaurants. An act of murder demands at least the pretence of moral seriousness, even from the dopiest appeasers. But small acts of cultural vandalism corrode the fabric of freedom all but unseen."

And :

"It has been clear since July 7 that the state has no real idea what to do to reconcile the more disaffected elements of its fastest-growing demographic. But at some point Britons have to ask themselves - while they're still permitted to discuss the question more or less freely - how much of their country they're willing to lose. The Hundred-Acre Wood is not the terrain on which one would choose to make one's stand, but from here on in it is only going to become more difficult."

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