Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Your Tax Money At Work - Catholic Priest Murdered By Syrian Opposition

Our Government's decision to send money and arms to these people is already bearing fruit.

Reports that Father Francois Murad was publicly beheaded are disputed - others say he was shot in his church, although photographs of the decapitated head do look like Fr Murad, poor soul.

"The Vatican news agency confirmed that Father Francois was killed on June 23 but said the "circumstances of the death are not fully understood". Two days after Father Francois was killed in Ghassaniyeh, the Custody of the Holy Land issued a press release saying Islamist groups shot the father dead. The press release said he had been given a funeral and buried.

"Islamists attacked the monastery, ransacking it and destroying everything. When Father Francois tried to resist, defending the nuns, rebels shot him," the release stated.

The resort town of Ghassaniyeh, in Syria's Latakia province, which was visited by the Telegraph, has fallen under the control of the extremist jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra. Father Francois was thought to be one of the last remaining Christian inhabitants. Two months ago four Italian journalists were kidnapped by Jabhat al-Nusra as they filmed inside Father Francois' church, which had recently been desecrated. Susan Dabbous, one of the kidnapped journalists, reported that Jabhat al-Nusra had referred to Father Francois as "a spy". "

Why we're involved in this conflict between the devil we know and the devil we're getting to know pretty quickly, I do not know, but one thing's for sure - it's got nothing to do with the welfare of the people of Syria.


Anonymous said...

Remember, Syria waw Chistian before ..... you know. Note the deafening silence from the 'christian' american public regarding the mistreatment of christians in the middle east. They are actually zionists rather than chritians with any fellow feelling for their co-religionists.

Anonymous said...

Until a few years ago, half of the Palestinians in the West Bank were Christians.

Somehow, the Americans did not find themselves in any way sympathetic to their plight, or even existence.

Anonymous said...

it is simple fact the the jews (a very small group in the population) have highjacked the USA, defense, foreign policy, banking, media you name it. The facts are simply there to see. English soldiers have died in afghanistan as a reult of this and the taliban are bound to come back. It will be interesting to see what the political class say when this happens. I suppose there will be few reckonings. The media will see to that.

Mr Grumpy said...

Syria had a substantial Jewish community until ..... you know. Strange how such an extraordinarily powerful people do such a bad job of making places safe for themselves to live in. But I mustn't feed the trolls. Good post, Laban.

Anonymous said...

Mr Grumpy, the 'lesser brethren' have always been willingly sacrificed if necessary. That said the idea that what is happening is all down to the Jews is just as risible as the idea that a substantial number of the (Talmudic) Jewish 'elite' are not involved. 'Mystery Baylon' is not solely Jewish.

"...but one thing's for sure - it's got nothing to do with the welfare of the people of Syria."

We'll make a 'conspiracy theorist' out of you yet Laban.

Anonymous said...

The Jews/Zionists are to blame for controlling all of America. How very rational.

It's very sad that the death of a harmless priest at the hands of some Muslims savages in Syria strangely gets turned into a anti-semitic diatribe.

...And since when has the description "Zionist" become a derogatory term in Britain? I am proud to be one and am thankful that Israel exists. I guess I must be very powerful considering the conspiracy theories. (sarky)
With all Israel's problems it can never be as bad as some of it's Muslim hellhole neighbours.

The reason the Christian population in the West Bank dropped in the last number of years is that their conditions have deteriorated under the Muslim rule. Yet various churches still support Palestinian over Israel regarding Jerusalem while they hypocritically demand guarentees over their own holy sites if they ever do get transferred to Muslim rule. Now that's where your deafening silence comes from.

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Anonymous said...

Israel was in control of the West Bank during the years in which the Christian population largely disappeared. America did nothing to help them, or the Maronite Christians of the Lebanon.

American policy is largely determined by their own vociferous or well-organised voting groups. Hence American support for Irish Catholic terrorism or its aims, as against Ulster Protestants.

Ryan said...

It is becoming clear that Islam is suffering an existential crisis due to suddenly being confronted with western science and beliefs offering real benefits in the here and now rather than in the here-after. Consequently radical Islam has sprung up to create a situation where Muslims will be effectively cut-off from Western influence.

For all Ghadaffi's claims, the fact is that for every Muslim that comes to the UK there are at least 2 that ditch the religion, same for France. The maths is against Islam achieving dominance in the West anytime soon!

Meanwhile Christianity is on the rise in places like Iran no doubt as "more Islam" has failed to deliver Iran to any kind of "promised land". The penny is likely dropping elsewhere. Islam leads to poverty and violent death - no matter how much radical Islam might want to increase levels of violence to force people back to medieval religiousity even the moderately astute must have realised by now that Islam is the problem not the solution.

Rachel said...

To anon: When you wrote:
"Israel was in control of the West Bank during the years in which the Christian population largely disappeared. America did nothing to help them..."
I tried hard to find statistics proving this. The nearest I found was "In Bethlehem alone, the Christian population has slumped to 7,500 from 20,000 in 1995."
Yet wasn't it 1993 when the Oslo peace process was signed and the place was transferred to Muslim rule?
It's a bit hard to say. I live in Israel, I wouldn't dare go to the West Bank so I can only testify about the Christian communities in Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem etc.
In Israel excluding the West Bank and Gaza the Christian population has a higher level of university education and a higher average income than even the Jewish population. At one point my family tried to get my nephew enrolled in a local Christian school because of it's high standards. The school turned them down. (I don't blame them. :) ) I was friends with Arab Christians and asked them about their community situation in Israel e.g, why were there so few of them etc. I got the impression from this family that their daughter was struggling to find a Christian mate in a majority Jewish country. Immigrating to a properly Christian country with a higher standard of living (e.g Canada, New Zealand) is probably tempting, although this wealthy family did not want to do it. I recently tried to book a private appointment with a doctor who happened to be a Christian Arab in my local Tel Aviv hospital. I gave up because I could not afford his fee. He had written many research papers and thus had higher status and charging double the fee of an average Israeli doctor. Therefore I find it hard to see them as oppressed. I see them as a wealthy, and rather nice minority that doesn't hurt anyone and contributes a lot. I am not just saying this to make Israel look nice. It is the truth. However I guess a Christian living in the West Bank or Gaza must have a much more uncomfotable time than all the Christians I know around me.

Anonymous said...

Quite a swarm going on - even a comment from an obscure middle eastern country on an english speaking blog. What are the chances? It was me who poined out that jews (a small, elite, tightly knit, extremely ethnocentic racial group),though they are only 2% of the US population are inordinately powerful in the key areas I mentioned. These are fascinating and remarkable facts not a 'diatribe'. If they were scientologists or Puerto Ricans would the media show no interest? Couple with this the existence of Israel on disputed land largely conquered or set up by one sided fiat you have a position where the whole military resource and reputation of the worlds greatest democracy is highjaked into a foreign policy favouring said state. The reasons for the arabs dislike of the jews is of no interest to me as I do not live in middle east and don't want to be involved in its wars. This mirrors the jew disinterest in my best interests.

Fred said...

"Couple with this the existence of Israel on disputed land"

Hmmm, you do know something of the history of the Jews in Israel don't you???

You do know something of the history of Syria, Jordan, the Lebanon etc. don't you?

When you look at the history of the area BEFORE 1948 you realise that Israel is the only state in the area which actually has any legitimacy. The Jews had their own kingdom there starting 4000yrs ago and have regularly fought invader after invader, including the British, in order to win it back. The states surrounding Israel were made up by the French and the British in order to "divide and conquer" the arabs. The "palestinians", or perhaps we should say Muslim Arabs that happen to live in Israel, have never had a very strong claim to the place. They are just the latest in a string of peoples that for some reason have sought to dislodge the Jews from these lands. Why the Jews tolerate the Palestinians to the extent they do is beyond me, and actually tends to indicate that the "Palestinians" have a great deal of influence over US policy, rather than the Jews. I put the "palestinians" in quotes because the Muslim Arabs living in Israel are no different from the Muslims Arabs living in Syria and could readily find a home there if they weren't all hell bent on killing each other.

As for this modern "4 protocal of Zion" nonsense, imagine if the British were in the place of the Jews and had the US at their beck and call? Do you think that the British would hold back from driving out all the Muslim Arabs and nukeing the surrounding states? Come on, if the Jews have as much influnce as you say then the running sore of Palestinian resistance in Israel would have been brutally ended decades ago. Only the anti-semites at the Guardian believe that kind of nonsense, and most of these would have sided with the Jews if the Jews were the underdogs and perceived to be anti-American.

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Anonymous said...

Fred, I know enough of the history of the jews to know I am not one of them, they don't look out for me and I have no obligation to finesse an understanding of their conflict with the arabs and look out for them. I don't read the Guardian, I'm not student nor work in the public sector. I say I have no obligation to have any encyclopaedic knowledge of the goings on in that area. Having said that I do know enough to know there were a large number of non jewish persons living in that area before one particular ethnic-religious group declared and ethno state for themselves against the wishes of said inhabitants. They then imported milions of their co-religionists from all over the world who had no connection with the area beyond what is written in their holy books, perhaps accurate but hardly trumping the interests of the existing population. Beyond that I dont give a shit about any of them. Oh, I assume you wouldn't mind a BNP type government declaring england the sacred eternal national homeland for te english and all other ethnic groups are just ethnic minorities who are tolerated as long as they do not demographically threaten the 'enlgish' nature of the state? Are you a jew btw, just intersted. I'm a catholic, I don't mind saying.

Rachel said...

Anon's pearl of wisdom ". I say I have no obligation to have any encyclopaedic knowledge of the goings on in that area."
Well of course you don't. That's why you are talking cr*p.
When I know nothing about a conflict in an obscure place I usually am grateful to people who write about it "from the other side" to give an alternative view to the Guardian and BBC,as I have tried to do.
I generally like to learn about things across the world in obscure places.

I think you really really want to stick to the anti Jewish and anti Israeli perspective from an emotional point of view.

Anti semitic Anon's 2nd pearl of wisdom.
"Having said that I do know enough to know there were a large number of non jewish persons living in that area before one particular ethnic-religious group declared and ethno state for themselves against the wishes of said inhabitants"
No, In Jerusalem's Jewish and Christian populations always outnumbered the Muslim one... And bear in mind they outnumbered Muslims despite terrible conditions under your beloved Muslim Palestinian-Ottoman rule. Jews were also the majority in the area till they were driven out by the Muslims circa 700-800 A.D
And if you don't think Jews are the indigenous population of Jerusalem, Israel - where do you think they are the indigenous population of?
Where would you have them go?

If you are a Catholic, then your own Jesus and Mary, if they were alive today would be categorised as living on stolen Arab land and unindignous according to your world view. I can't blame you when the Israeli government and home grown leftests are as bad as you. We also have our own self haters. ...And you have had 20+ years of BBC propoganda to form your worldview.

Anonymous said...

Frank, I'm not one of those anti Israel leftists you characterise. I certainly did not acquire the basics facts about that part of the world from the Guardian and BBC. I don't think you quite get it, I'm not as stupid as you have been taught I am. I don't give a shit about Israel and I don't give a shit about arabs. Capice? My thinking is like yours 'Is it good for the english' Not one £ of my money and not one drop of blood of my people should be expended on this issue or issues related. Your arguments are rather silly. 1. Nobody mentioned Jerusalem, maybe it was always a majority jewish town. Was the whole of the area majority jewish? Even if it was the setting up of an ethnostate for one particular part of the population against the wishes of even a MINORITY is highly contentious and as I say, associated with rightist politics for a european perspective. 2. Setting up an ethnostate after more than a millenium of absence is extremely questionable when other people have been living there since. No doubt Jesus and Mary were living on land conquered by the jews from the canaanites. OK, fine, but Jesus wasn't a jewish nationalist was he and neither was St Paul? Now best of luck in your tough neighbourhood but franky I dcan see the other side's problem with you. I care about my own people, just like you. Now how did the BBC teach me that again?

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Christina said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Laban
Have you given up blogging? It is now three months since your last blog, however I still check each day to see if you are 'active'.

AgainsTTheWall said...

From Fred "When you look at the history of the area BEFORE 1948 you realise that Israel is the only state in the area which actually has any legitimacy. The Jews had their own kingdom there starting 4000yrs ago"

No question, Jews are a talented people. Perhaps their greatest gift is the manufacture and retail of tall tales. Pretty much the whole of Jewish history is fabrication - Exile in Egypt, the conquest of Canaan, the second Exile, the constant irrational anti-Jewish hostility of Gentiles and of course, the Holocaust. All lies but lies with purpose. First to justify any Jewish malpractice towards non-Jews and second to innoculate against assimilation by inculcating a 'them-and-us' outlook.

The truth is the Jews were never expelled from Palestine but remained to converted to Islam in the 7th century. Todays Palestinians are more likely to be descendants of the Hebrews -quite an irony. Todays Jews are descendants of converts for the most part. Citizens of the Khazar Empire were proselytised extensively in the latter part of the first millenium and this group today are Ashkenazim who form the majority of world Jewry.

Anonymous said...

LT - where are you man?

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Anonymous said...

LT! Where are you man? All these bottom feeders popping up in your threads is not a good sign.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Laban,

Are you ever coming back? We miss you.

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Anonymous said...

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