Friday, July 27, 2012

Who Will Light The Olympic Flame ?

Any suggestions ?

female 1/2 on
male evens
woman in hijab 3-1
disabled female athlete 4-1
ethnic minority London schoolgirl 9-1
ethnic minority London schoolboy 15-1
woman in burka 16-1
Fabrice Muamba 20-1 (Coral are currently offering 66-1 - a snip)
celebrity chef 25-1
Gok Wan 25-1
mother of victim of racist murder (minority) 30-1
British soldier (disabled, minority) 50-1
victim of 7/7 bombing (minority) 100-1
victim of 7/7 bombing (white) 200-1
British soldier (disabled, white) 200-1
Muhammad Ali 250-1
Gazza 250-1
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown 250-1
able-bodied heterosexual white male 250-1
British soldier (minority) 300-1
British soldier (white) 400-1
Julie Bindel 500-1
Billy Bragg 500-1
Rose West 1000-1
Laurie Penny 1000-1
mother of victim of racist murder (white) 300,000,000-1
Sir Geoffrey Boycott 600,000,000-1


DJ said...

25-1 has me worried - I can just see them choosing Jamie Oliver.

Fortunately, Doreen Lawrence has already had her turn with the flame, no doubt, as recognition for her services to race hustling and civil strife.

Mind you, who'd bet against Cast Iron Dave shoehorning himself into the picture?

Anonymous said...

what price Lord Lucan?

Anonymous said...

Gary Glitter?

Anonymous said...

How could you forget Shami Chakrabarti? Fortunately she just got to carry the flag

JuliaM said...

In the end, it was seven young athletes. Thus cementing the idea that youth is all and children come first.

A suitable image for modern Britain, I think..

Best part of the whole shebang? When the Red Arrows roared directly over my house! :)

Sgt Troy said...

Where was Karen Downes?

Anonymous said...

Charlene Downes ??

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean Charlene's mum.

Don't be silly. She's a symbol of something that officially doesn't exist.

Mr Grumpy said...
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Mr Grumpy said...

Only 500-1 on la Bindel? With the Jewish-sounding name on top of the sexuality thing?

budgie said...

"In the end, it was seven young athletes. Thus cementing the idea that youth is all and children come first."

The Olympics does necessarily revolve around people rather younger than you or I, JuliaM.

We'll just have to wait patiently for the Gerontolympics and the 50-meter toilet dash.

Henry Crun said...

"mother of victim of racist murder (minority) 30-1"

Close, she was carrying the Olympic flag