Thursday, October 27, 2011

Change For Change's Sake

They've trashed Google News. Now those clever-clogs at Mountain View seem to have removed the cache results from Google search.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Perhaps they'll notice the increased number of hits here.

Google Search was an order of magnitude better than the competition around the late 1990s - I remember moving from Altavista. They got big as the punter looked and liked. But, as they came to dominate, the competition vanished. And now the punter's going to get what Google like. Where's the 'Classic Search' option in Preferences ? There ain't one.

UPDATE - you have to follow the arrow on the RHS of each result, which gives a preview of the page. There's a cache link there. As I said, where's the Classic Search option ? It was fine as it was.


Yaffle said...

Absolutely. I might add, you can no longer search "UK only" from the UK homepage; there's no longer a Google toolbar for the current Firefox (which got round the previous).

Google seems to be going down the same route as Microsoft, whose Office suite probably peaked in quality about ten years ago. Since then it's been, as you say, change for change's sake, and not for the better. The latest version of Word in particular is awful.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Too many hyperactive cleverclogs sat around in the Googleplex without a new project. Maybe they should just go outside and grow vegetables until a genuine problem arises. It can be quite hard to resist the temptation to continue "improving" stuff when you've got nothing else to do.

asdf said...

The look-ahead popup box is very impressive though. Most times it seems to know what I want. And I'm impressed with the way it gives me the search results of the first element in the pop-up while I'm still typing.

The look-ahead seems to be pretty smart. It gives me what I want even if I'm mis-typing the name. For example, I wanted "Don Boudreaux", but I started typing "Don Beau", and it sill gave me the correct name.

Laban said...

The whole Office suite took a turn for the worse in 2007. I hate having to relearn where all the functions are again.

Just bought a new laptop, and am almost certainly going to load Office 2000 rather than 2007.