Monday, July 18, 2011

Britain - Terror Spreads Following Reports of "Failed Coup"

Sud-Deutscher Zeitung, London : There are reports from London tonight of increasing repression, following what has been described in ruling circles as a 'failed coup' by Ruprecht von Murdoch and Obergruppenfuhrer Brooks, the rabble-rousing, charismatic leader of the feared "red-tops", paramilitary wing of Murdoch's 'Neues Internazionale' (NI) organisation.

Brooks' 'red-tops' muster several million fanatical working-class readers, and have increasingly been seen as a revolutionary threat to the aristocratic ruling elite, who have held power behind the scenes through different political administrations. It is believed that Brooks was shot this afternoon after her arrest yesterday, but this is not confirmed. What is known is that mass arrests continue, and that the bodies of a number of senior NI personnel have been discovered.

In an increasingly violent and hysterical speech this evening, a haggard but triumphant HochGuardianista Reichsgräfin von Toynbee, propaganda chief of the ruling elite, called for further action against enemies in the press. "Murdoch - kaput ! Brooks - tot ! Jetzt muss der Daily Mail auch kaput werden !" The whereabouts of the leader of the 'TagesPost' or Daily Mail faction, Paul Dacre, is giving increasing cause for concern - he has not been seen since he was bundled into a car by unknown assailants as he left work yesterday. The newspapers premises were cordoned off by armed police yesterday, following the replacement of the capital's Chief of Police by a nominee of the ruling party, and journalists are said to be 'too frightened' to attempt to enter their former workplace.

As reprisals become more indiscriminate, it appears that elements in the ruling faction are taking the opportunity to pay off old scores. It was reported this afternoon that the body of Margaret Thatcher, who as Premier suppressed the so-called "Scargill putsch" in 1985, has been found in woodland near Beaconsfield.


Edwin Greenwood said...

I reckon Sunny Hundal is the éminence brune behind all this. If only he'd been able to keep his mouth shut, and to control his over-eager troops, he'd be in Downing Street by now.

Anonymous said...

As an ordinary response copper working shifts I find the current scandal/farce/fiasco utterly incredible and cringe with embarrassment at the antics of my “leaders”. From the very start of my service I was told that I must never accept a gratuity. Even if a friendly fast food joint offered a discount on a meal, the full amount was to be tendered (if some change came back –unsolicited- then that was just about acceptable). It beggars belief that a 12k stay at a posh spa was accepted or that someone’s daughter was given a job at the Yard. The fact that the father of the daughter in question and spa donor were entangled with an organisation being investigated for criminal acts is beyond belief. Dinners and drinks paid for by the Met? What on Earth for? What has that got to do with catching bad guys?

If it were me, or any of my team, who were implicated like this we would, rightly, be facing arrest, prosecution and seizure of our pension contributions. Maybe rules are different at the top.

What on Earth do the Met need PR consultants for anyway? They have their own Press Officers (not that they should even need them)

The overall sentiment amongst the rank and file is that almost all officers above the rank of Chief Inspector (and a good few at that rank) are nothing more than slimy political animals who have, in many cases, never actually gone “hands on” with a crook. They are obsessed with backstabbing and portfolio building as they desperately try to inch up the greasy pole. Real police work is avoided like the plague because that is where risk and complaints come from.

All these people (and their extensive sycophantic staffs) could be beamed up by aliens tomorrow and real policing would only improve. They are an embarrassing burden.

Anonymous said...

Edwin Greenwood: The entire political class, senior police and swathes of the mass media have been shown up as one corrupt and interlinked power network.

Hundal is small fry.

Edwin Greenwood said...

"Hundal is small fry."

That was rather the point of my comment.

Anonymous said...

The left will over-reach themselves on this. The delight is almost visceral. My unemployed friend still hides his TV under the stairs to avoid having to pay the exorbitant sum demanded by these bastards. But the cops look like corrupt badstards too or incredibly naive and idiotic.

James Higham said...

While this is an undoubted attempt to silence the sane media, I still maintain Brooks needs to do time - if only to wipe that smirk off her face.