Thursday, June 23, 2011

Entitled Thieves of all Countries Unite !

from the comments at Steve Sailer's (the riot and looting were because of a lost hockey game):

"steve you may want to take a look at this insane rant, i mean, apology, that one of the asian vancouver rioters who got caught, has posted on her blog. this is the original post she made, before later going back and totally editing out everything because she realized she was a moron.

and the edited one:

we will never really grasp how bonkers her real, original "apology" was. there are so many lines in there that are classic. but note the overwhelming use of modern victimology speak. generic (criminals are the real victims, i'm the hero here), racial (i'm non-white, back off), and sexual (i'm a woman, BACK OFF). "
In the first link, to quote the psychiatrist in Fawlty Towers, 'there's enough material for a whole conference'.


Sarah said...

I had to give up on the first one, it was so long and nuts I was losing the will to live..

AndrewWS said...

she seems to think that being 'righteous' is all about 'standing up for your rights'. I don't think much of her English (is dat waycist?) although she seems proud of being part of the British commonwealth and insists on British spelling

Anonymous said...

Damian Penny has a video of the riot. At 3:00 it gets hard to watch.