Monday, March 28, 2011

And It Begins ...

18th March :

23:44:Libyan state television cites a senior security source as saying that Libya has decided to "absolve itself from taking responsibility for stemming illegal immigration to Europe"
Gaddafi, until recent events, was paid by Italy (I don't know what's happened to those payments) to police his Med coast - something he seems to have done effectively.

Now :

By Associated Press, Sunday, March 27, 11:32 AM

ROME — Boatloads of illegal African migrants have resumed setting sail from Libya for Italy, authorities said, overwhelming tiny islands and towns in southern Italy already struggling to host thousands fleeing unrest in Tunisia. Before dawn Sunday, Italian coast guard vessels escorted a boat crowded with 284 Somalis, Eritreans and Ethiopians to shore, the first boat to resume the long-established routes of smugglers’ boats toward Italy from Libya’s long coastline.

Since Lampedusa, a tiny island off Sicily, is already straining from sheltering the thousands of Tunisians, who have taken to sleeping on docks and fields after housing space ran out, the boat from Libya was diverted to Linosa, an even tinier island in the Pelagie archipelago south of Sicily.

Authorities said at least two other boats coming from Libya with hundreds of migrants aboard were spotted by fishing boats or coast guard air and sea patrolling the southern Mediterranean Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Well I for one say bravo Libya!

As we all kmow immigration is a benefit without parallel. To think we were paying the Libyans to control it!

Im curious though why would the Libyans grant us such a great favour at this difficult time. After all we are bombing them and they do this for us.

Its almost as if they were implying, heaven forbid that this immigration were bad for Europe. Well that cant be true!

Anonymous said...

I once saw a film about this...I think it was called “The Third World War” in “third world” not World War 3. It was in a documentary format covering a march my hundreds of thousands of Africans to North Africa where they tried to get onto anything that will float to get to Europe. The final scene was a European force lining the beaches and promenades of Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, forcibly preventing these people getting into Europe.

These people will keep coming as long as what is on offer in Europe is better than their native countries. We either have to give them peace, food, shelter and ALL the trappings of an affluent life in the West (at our expense) or we will have to forcibly keep them out.

The first option is not an option for me. There are far more of them than there are of us and they are reproducing much faster. We can’t keep up. If we try we will be submerged. The more we give, the more will come. These people are, mainly uneducated, illiterate and unskilled. They come with attitudes supported by all their life experiences of “might is right” and “the strongest wins”. They are accustomed to police beatings and shootings. Fair trials and social justice are alien concepts. They look at the West and they see what they want. It isn’t coming to them so they’re coming to take it. The risks are worthwhile. Benefit outweighs cost.

The alternative is to forcibly keep these people out. Cost must outweigh benefit. It will be expensive and there will be deaths and, god forbid, human rights abuses. These boats will have to be turned round, taken back to Africa and destroyed. These people will have to be left on the African beaches. It’s tough, I know, but what other option do we have?

It’s basic economics. The perceived cost of the attempt to cross the Mediterranean MUST outweigh the benefits of getting to Europe. Or we may as well build a big bridge.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Fair trials and social justice are alien concepts. XX

Does not stop the bastards demanding them though, once they get ashore.

As to "coming accross on "small" boats", tell me again, WHY do we have Fast attack boats and U-Boots filled to the brim with torpedoes, and mine layers?

Laban said...

Seems a little unsporting to sink them, and not in our traditions.

Board, take in tow, return (possibly then destroying the boat, which should discourage the owners).

Anonymous said...

LT - I think anon did indeed mean destroying the boats after towing back to Africa.

We dont need paramilitary or even military enforcement. We just need for illegals to be deported - instantly. If no one gets to stay (in the west) then there is no incentive to risk trying. In time enforcement will become self fulfilling. Fewer will try and the fewer there are the easier it will be to head them off and catch the remainder.

Anonymous said...

too late! learn to speak Lybian etc and make room.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Laban said...

Seems a little unsporting to sink them, and not in our traditions.

Board, take in tow, return (possibly then destroying the boat, which should discourage the owners). XX

No. Sink them when they are full. Half way accross.

A lot of these illegal scum are already on their third or fourth try. They will not be discouraged just because Mustaffa Wh'ank had his leaky tub taken off him by the police, or whatever.

You do not cure a rabid dog problem by giving it a bowl of chappie and telling it to go away.

Sgt Troy 11th Dragoons said...

"It’s tough, I know, but what other option do we have?"


I was talking to a district nurse the other day. The consequences of first cousin marriage are horrendous in terms of disability.

It's generation after generation after generation

But she and her colleagues are not allowed to point out that if you marry a first cousin from Pakistan this is the inevitable result.

The community view apparently is that it is "the Will of Allah"

But Allah is not paying the benefits, or at least not directly

It's a benefits black hole with the gravitational pull of the super-massive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way

Building a quality population

Some years ago a mate of mine saw the community pour on to the streets of Small Heath, there was an eclipse - the day become dark. They chanted "God is Great"


Ralph Musgrave said...

Strange how the people who want Islamise and Africanise the UK don’t go live in some Islamic or African country. That way they could enjoy the “benefits” they are bestowing on their grandchildren. In contrast, out of the people who claim life is better living where the sun shines every day, a significant proportion go and live in Spain, etc.

I conclude that sun worshippers are genuine, whereas the advocates of immigration are hypocrits.

But then the political left has a history of hypocrisy in this area. In the early days of Harold Wilson’s premiership when the left praised central economic planning the skies and claimed to disapprove of free markets, not one in a thousand of those making this claim chose to go and live under the wonders of central economic planning in Eastern Europe or Russia.