Friday, January 28, 2011


Perfect pop music - Beach Boy harmonies, jangly guitar, loping bass - and drums the like of which you just don't hear these days.

"Just one thing could kill the pain
Of losing you,
But it gets me so dizzy that I walk right back again,
Back to you"

The other A-side on the EP, 'Disguises', is great as well, although a much darker, almost industrial sound.


Foxy Brown said...

I was struck by your comment referring to the quality of the drumming. Along with Keith Moon, other esteemed drummers, including Ginger Baker and Mitch Mitchell, religiously studied the techniques of jazzers such as Max Roach, and, indeed had graduated from stints in jazz bands. Can't say where John Bonham picked his skills up from though.

Oiktastic said...

religiously studied the techniques of jazzers such as Max Roach, and, indeed had graduated from stints in jazz bands.

No mention of Charlie Watts?

O/T Laban, so, whats your take on the revolutions/uprisings in the maghreb?

More Soros colour revolutions? I gather there is some sort of wiki leaks thingy which indicates the 'democratic; rebels in Egypt are sponsored by our American friends.

Or maybe, more Irans in the making?

People who respect your opinion may be curios?

Wildgoose said...

I have to agree with Foxy about the influence of jazz drummers. I put my wide eclectic musical tastes down to an early love for Progressive Rock which borrowed heavily from Jazz (and Fusion) including its exploration of different time signatures.

Phil Collins may not be able to sing but he was an excellent drummer in his day, (including with Brand X).

I find a lot of modern music disappointing because the drumming is so metronomic and boring, just using the same old drum machine presets.

Compare that with King Crimson and John Wetton (bass) and Bill Bruford (another jazz drummer) playing in the beat but with one ever so slightly ahead and one ever so slightly behind, appearing to catching up but never doing so - this helps drive the music.

Modern stuff is boringly pedestrian in comparison.

Foxy Brown said...

@ Oiktastic,

Yes! Mr Watts, the only member of the Stones a girl would take home to meet mother, is a major omission. I think I'm subconsciously drawn to the image of the wild man thrashing on the cymbals. My favourite Muppets puppet was Animal, the drummer of the orchestra, and it turns out that he was based on Ginger Baker.

@ Wildgoose,

I know this is not good for my street cred, but I think Phil Collins's music is wonderful.

Gareth said...

Your gonna like this laban;

Gorkha Creed said...

He's so right its great I recomment it... you all should should read it..