Thursday, November 18, 2010

Street Life

Mail :

A club promoter threw himself under a train on the London Underground after missing out on a chance to appear on Big Brother, an inquest heard today.

Allister Logue, 55, made it to the final 80 hopefuls in contention for a place on Channel 4's 11th and final series of the reality show but was not picked as one of the 14 housemates.

And just a month after he appeared as on the launch show of Big Brother on June 9, Mr Logue leapt to his death beneath the wheels of an oncoming Northern line train at Charing Cross underground station.

He had worked as a hair and make-up artists alongside renowned photograher David Bailey in the 1970s and later moved to Ibiza where he became well known as a club promoter and DJ.

Balearics: Allister Logue was a renowned club promoter in Ibiza

Balearics: Allister Logue was a renowned club promoter in Ibiza

But he had returned to the UK from the Balearics last year and moved to the Lancashire village of Crawshawbooth, where was described as 'down on his luck'.

An inquest at Westminster Coroner's Court heard that on the before his death on July 24, Mr Logue had stayed at a Salvation Army hostel in Trafalgar Square.

The following morning at around 8.45am he hurled himself into the path of a tube train at Charing Cross.

It seems - and is - a long time ago that Laban was out clubbing five or six nights a week. This song struck me then, as now.

"Street life - but you'd better not get old,
Street life - or you're gonna feel the cold"


JuliaM said...

"Mr Wilson said after Mr Logue's death he had searched through several bags of clothing and discovered what were described as 'draft suicide notes'."

I'm ashamed to admit that when I read this, my first thought was of that cartoon of 'Clippy', the MS Office Assistant, popping up to say 'You look like you're writing a suicide note! Would you like help with that?'

Discotastic said...

Top choice of tune.

What is a club promoter?

Is that one of those people who hand out tickets in the street at resorts?

I bet that pays well.

It seems - and is - a long time ago that Laban was out clubbing five or six nights a week.

5 or 6 nights a week?

I used to think I was pushing the boat out if I was clubbing up to 2 - 3 times a week.

You must have been a student, a drug dealer or a trustafarian.

Or maybe this was a 2 week holiday in Spain or Greece - yeah, OK, in that instance this would be entirely reasonable.

Its a bit difficult to any kind of job well when you're getting in at 3:30 in the morning and getting up again at 7am. Lack of sleep leads to cock ups which eventually leads to getting the sack.

Its a sad story. On the two occasions I've returned from very much extended trips abroad, having been living it up, I have found adjusting back to the UK way of life fairly difficult. Depressing even. If you've made living it up abroad your life's work, it is easy to understand how it could end like this.

Anonymous said...

I worked at a manual job with a 10-6 shift, which meant I could hit bed at 3 am and still get 6 hours sleep before work.

It helped that I lived in a town where my favourite clubs were free (I'm not talking town-centre glamour here, reggae and soul clubs in Manningham), Tetleys hand-pulled and curries very cheap - LT

Anonymous said...

Was it Billy's club, Manningham - funk upstairs, pub rock downstairs...

Revolution Harry said...

What is a club promoter?

There's a bit more to it than handing out flyers. Usually a promoter, at the very least, will negotiate a deal with the venue, organise the right DJ's depending on the 'sound' you're after (a skill in itself) and then promote the event to get as many people in as possible. There's money to be made at that game, especially in Ibiza.