Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dumb Britain Part 628

not to mention de-Christianised Britain.

In a Mail piece about an Islamic private school, a staff member says :

‘Our Koran teaches us to respect the earlier prophets and the earlier revelations of the Bible and Torah,’ he told me. ‘If you do not believe in Jesus or Moses, you cannot be a true Muslim.’
To which a commenter responds :

Yes, you may believe in Jesus, but if your faith is merely in Him as a prophet, your faith is totally in vain. Only His shed blood can possibly wash away our sins. All other vehicles of faith are human vanity.
A proud Pakistani.

- Daoud Mohamed Ul-Haq, Peshawar
Now you may wonder if it's a wind-up, but the theology seems pretty sound to me.

Comment rating : -706. Did they see "proud Pakistani" and turn brain off ?


Anonymous said...

It means he has divided the world into a secular realm and religious realm. How very Christian, and redolent of the western mindset as well.

JuliaM said...

I suspect 'brain off' is a default setting on a lot of 'Mail' commenters. Just as it is on a lot of 'CiF' commenters...

Ed West said...

I despair

Hexe Froschbein said...

No, clearly the multiculti worshipping masses took offense to the man being an obvious nazi -- the phrase "a proud Pakistani" being the cast-iron proof.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are always being disingenuous when they talk of respect for Jesus and Moses: their 'Isa' was in fact a Muslim, who did not die on the cross and (apparently) on the day of judgment will break the cross and kill all the Christians. Xtians are misinformed about Jesus by forged and tampered with scriptures. Saying that they respect Jesus is a Muslim way of denting Christians any valid identity.