Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Music - Little Girl Edition

Soon my darling will be thirteen years old. Lordy. As wonderful, bright, intuitive and charming as ever, and with the same awesome temper. Sunshine and showers every day. You can imagine with what excitement Victorian Dad is looking forward to the next few years of 'no, you can't stay out at the party'. She's at another thirteen-party tonight.

I first heard this a few years back, found it quite charming, and I don't think she knows it - but I think she'll love it. Not sure you lot will though.

UPDATE - my little girl is growing up. She listened politely and said 'Very nice Dad - have you heard this ?' - then played Kate Rusby.


moriarty said...

If you're in a sentimental mood Laban (or need cheering up) try this one -

I don't think that it would be your daughter's cup of tea though.

Malthebof said...

I prefer the Ronettes version

Malthebof said...

Here is a link to previous posting