Friday, April 09, 2010

Quote of the Day

I thought the Bard of Burton Bradstock Barking called himself a socialist ?

"Everyone else in London benefits from multiculturalism and cheap labour..."

I can't remember when keeping wages low was an admitted benefit for a self-styled leftie. Even Jon Cruddas, while supporting mass immigration, dislikes the way it drives down wages - he just doesn't dislike it enough to actually do anything about it :

"... immigration has been used as an informal reserve army of cheap labour. People see this at their workplace, feel it in their pocket and see it in their community - and therefore perceive it as a critical component of their own relative impoverishment.

Objectively, the social wage of many of my constituents is in decline. House prices rise inexorably, and public service improvements fail to match local population expansion. At work, their conditions, in real terms, are in decline through the unregulated use of cheap migrant labour."