Friday, February 26, 2010

A Small Postette

At Biased-BBC.


Sgt Troy said...

A liberal explodes

"I would like the slack-jawed knuckle draggers moderated off my comment threads – truth to tell, I’d like some of them moderated into secure psychiatric units."

Sgt Troy said...

More liberal idiocy

"Wise words from a wise man"

"When you have made a lot of mistakes you're thought of as a very wise man." Tony Benn was addressing this week's Oldie Literary Lunch at Simpsons and as always was wooing them with a performance worthy of a practised showman.

Promoting his latest work, a little book called Letters to My Grandchildren, Tony Benn began by pointing out that he was brought up in a world where there were Englishmen and foreigners. But now, he says, we no longer feel like that, particularly if we live or work in London. You can experience the global village just by getting on a bus. "People form all corners of the earth are momentarily brought together in one small community."

A great many people of Benn's age – he is now 84 – would not feel happy with that kind of situation.
But his enthusiasm is catching. Listening to him I find myself (almost) having positive thoughts about the internet. "

Benn is a Holy Fool

The "community of the bus" is not at all like the Medieval concept of "the community of the realm". It is a disparate collection of strangers, strangers like ships who pass in the night; strangers who take good care not to eyeball other strangers, each hoping to avoid the nutter.

Benn goes every year to Burford, to venerate the Levellers. Fair enough it was a fascinating and seminal period, its lessons exercise me not infrequently. But why does Benn suppose that little Mohammed and Aisha are going to be remotely interested?.

If Benn had been around at the time Cromwell would have had him shot in the churchyard - and a damn good thing too.

Sgt Troy said...

Liberal crassness

Oh degraded ones James Bethell, the 5th Baron Bethell feels your pain!!!!!!!!!!!

"As our manufacturing sector moved overseas, the skilled working class in places like northern mill towns found their jobs moved offshore or taken by better-skilled and hard-working immigrants.....'s not so easy to take a job in a call centre or McDonald's."

Funnily enough he chose not to reveal his noblility in his Graun profile;

"James Bethell is director of Nothing British. James has worked as a journalist at the Sunday Times and was managing director of the Ministry of Sound. He was Conservative candidate in Tooting during the 2005 election, was a co-founder of Reform and worked at Policy Exchange"

The "Nothing British" site he runs for Dave is completely and utterly appalling.