Thursday, October 29, 2009

Education News - Burnley

Remember Building Schools for the Future, the giant social engineering project which shut all the (de facto segregated) secondary schools in Burnley and opened five new ones, with catchment areas cunningly designed to produce a 'mixed' school population ? Half of which schools then headed for special measures ?

The idea was to improve social cohesion - a noble aim even if kids pay the price in worse education. Can't make a rainbow omelette without breaking a few lives, and all that.

So they've built all these shiny new integrated schools, which we will doubtless be paying for for years - they're PFI-funded. What's going to happen to the old ones ?

Er ...
The former Burnley College building has been targeted to get a 1,500-pupil Muslim boarding school for girls.

A leading charity has announced it wants to take over the vacated college in Ormerod Road and it hopes to attract girls from all over Europe.

If it goes ahead it will be one of the few Muslim girls’ boarding schools in the country.

Hmm. Were I a Burnley native whose kids have been moved I'm not sure I'd be totally chuffed by this (a/c/t the comments the school will be Barelvi, rather than the more fundamentalist Deobandi). And the new schools are costing approximately £250m. The old college has apparently been sold for less than £2m. Was the building put on open sale, I wonder ? Doubtless time will reveal all.


Sgt Troy said...

Reading Wolf Hall, excellent. Wolsey was done, unfairly, under the law of Praemunire.

Basically it was an extremely grave offence to introduce alien foreign influence into England in usurpation of the king's power. The penalties included the loss of all civil rights.

We need this brought back preferably by a Cromwell plus military leader.

#### Parliamentary "democracy"

Anonymous said...

Couple of points.

1. Whether or not the building was offered for sale "on the open market" is down to the private owner who can sell to whoever they want at whatever price they want

2. Whatever your feeling about BSF, the fact that £250 million has been sepnt on education in Burnley creating new schools has got to be good news. Would anyone have preferred not to have got this money - "no thanks, we don't want your £250 million, go spend it somewhere else"?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

A leading "charity"?

Would that be charity as in the rnli, or "charity" as in Barnados?

Laban said...

I'm assuming that the owner of the school buildings was the council or LEA. How private are they ?

Sgt Troy said...

"Reza — on 29th October, 2009 at 5:38 pm

“Do you think “Muslim demographics” are a problem, like our nutjob friend here Reza does?”

I know it’s complicated for you Sunny, but I’ll try to explain again

I don’t think that Muslim demographics are a problem just because the demographic is “Muslim”.

It’s simply a question of numbers.
It wouldn’t matter if the demographic were Sikh, Sinhalese or Mongolian.

If any single group became large enough to create a ‘duo-cultural’ society then we’d have problems. Look at any major conflict, anywhere in the world today, for an example of what I mean.

Regardless of whether Islam, as an ideology, is incompatible with Western liberal democracy, the problem we face is that Muslims make up the only group here that is in danger of growing large enough to create a ‘duo-cultural’ society.

And there appear to be many more “nutjobs” like me out there, writing books and running newspapers, than nepotistic, multiculturalist ‘ethnics’ like you with your na├»ve, white, competitive-altruist pets.
That must really get your goat."

An excellent contribution from "Reza" here on "Sunny's" absurd colonisation propagandist site.

Sunny of course thinks that there is some inalienable right to colonise our country.

Sadly there are so many deluded, "native", self-loathing lickspittles who agree with him

Mark said...

'The old college has apparently been sold for less than £2m.'
Hmm...which council committee approved this sale, and what were the names of the committee members who took the decision ?

Peter said...

The prospective purchase of Burnley College by the Al-Ehya Trust, and any links to the BSF saga, is a red herring.
Like many further and high education establishments, Burnley College is privately-owned and nothing to do with Lancashire County Council, the promoters of BSF. Nice rhetoric, poor research.