Monday, August 03, 2009

Farmer Arrested For Possession of Sickle

But not just any old farmer. A vigilante farmer !


JuliaM said...

"The police spokeswoman said the man in question had been given a fixed penalty notice for not wearing a seatbelt following the incident earlier this month. "

Was that why they stopped him, I wonder?

Ross said...

Can I start making Tony "Vigilante Farmer" Martin action toys, complete with a shotgun and a variety of farming based weapons? Sort of a rural equivalent of Batman.

JuliaM said...

I'm sure the 'thieving pikeys sold seperately' notice on each box would soon fall foul of someone... ;)

dearieme said...

In Martin's case, I'd assume it was a defensive weapon.

Ross said...

"I'm sure the 'thieving pikeys sold seperately' notice"

You'd be expected to steal those rather than buy them of course.

Dan said...

In light of your ongoing interest in multiculturalism, Laban, I thought you might appreciate an exchange from this morning's Nicky Campbell 5 Live phone-in, which was all about the modern fad for drunken chanting at Test matches.

An Indian chap rang up from Bedford to say it was all about booze. When he goes to India to watch cricket, booze is banned in the grounds and there is no chanting. When he goes to the cricket here he drinks all day and was big enough to admit he often chants himnself.

'What's the worst thing you've ever chanted?' asked Nicky - a question which was terribly naiive, in that the answer was bound to involve Pakistan.

'Well, it was probably at the India v Pakistan game at the Oval a few weeks ago,' the man replied. 'We were chanting at the Pakistan fans.'

'What was it?' asked Nicky.

'It was, "We pay for your benefits!"' replied the man.

Chuckle from Nicky.

'And what did they chant back?'

'Well, it contained lots of expletives but was basically, "Go back home!"'

More chuckling from Nicky, who appeared to be wishing he could close this particular box as quickly as possible.

Sgt Troy said...

More soft totalitarian shit below

"The OJC has been asked to focus on the propriety of the judge's statements and assertions, and whether they went beyond the facts of the case and extended overtly into the political arena."
Bloody Lord Chief Justice; another miserable, servile toady

Sgt Troy said...
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