Saturday, May 09, 2009

More Dirty Dogs ...

Telegraph :

• Barbara Follett, the multi-millionaire Tourism Minister, claimed for private security patrols outside her London home costing more than £25,000. The parliamentary fees office, which is supposed to monitor claims, warned Mrs Follett that her claims may appear "excessive" if made public, but she was not deterred, saying she felt unsafe in Soho after being mugged.

Now this really gets me mad. How many people get mugged in London each year ? According to the Met's rolling 12-month total, "Robbery - Person" is running at 29,318 incidents to March 2009.

29,000 a year. They really meant it about being 'Tough On Crime', didn't they ?

Victims of crime get nothing from the taxpayer except derisory sentences for those who prey on them. Are this lot going to turn into good guys when they come out after their two years each ?

But we are taxed to pay for a millionairess to feel a bit more comfortable in her expensive home, when all over the country poor pensioners live in fear in their own homes.

She should resign. But they all should and none of them do, so all we can do is express our disgust at the ballot box.

M. Poujade was right.

"Throw the rascals out !"


Mark said...

La Follett's reaction to her mugging doesn't just reveal her to be a money grubbing diva, it sheds light on how generally useless the post Macpherson NuLab police are at what should be their core function; protecting the public from criminal predation.
I believe La Follett also owns a residence in a salubrious part of Cape Town- so she's probably quite an expert in assessing the worth of private security outfits.

Anonymous said...

I was in the police in the UK (until I escaped to an Aussie force a couple of years ago). I agree the police back in Blighty were becoming neutered and politicized. The intervening two years can only have made things worse.

The way it is done reminds me of Hitler’s approach before WW2. A little bit at a time….with each new infringement just not enough to start a war (until he felt strong enough) but the totality of what he (and NuLab) were doing would have had war straight away if he did it all at once. Re-militarising the Rhineland…removal of police discretion (itself incremental), annexation of Austria….preferable treatment to selected “minorities”, dismemberment of Czechoslovakia….greatly increased politicisation at all ranks above Inspector, flouting naval treaties…..introduction of “thoughtcrime” to police regs (improper or “unacceptable” views are now punishable by dismissal). I could go on and on…’s a death (or a transformation) of a thousand cuts.

This La Follett just doesn’t like what the rest of us now have to put up with.

Rob said...

The reality of Socialism - millionaire ministers lecturing the poor while trousering tens of thousands of pounds of public money.