Monday, December 01, 2008

Saying The Things The Natives Can't Say ...

(not without getting arrested, anyway) :

Britain should close its borders to all immigrants for up to 10 years to prevent potential racial unrest, according to one of the country's highest-profile Indian-born businessmen, Sir Gulam Noon.

"We can only accommodate so many. If the room will only hold 10 people, hold a meeting for ten people and not 20. It is simple logic. There is always a danger that for the sake of political correctness, or a party's political advantage, we find ourselves filling up the country with too many immigrants who will disturb the balance and upset the people, particularly the young people, of the host community."

For a party's political advantage ? Who could he be thinking of ? Mr Noon should know of what he writes. Last week he found himself involved in a little disturbed balance in his Bombay hotel.

On the other hand, the "host community" are busy hitting record abortion rates and generally trying their hardest to minimise the number of young Brits. Maybe it won't be the "young people of the host community" he has to worry about.