Monday, December 08, 2008

Publicans 1, Chavs 0

"I say, Giles ! Let's get down to Stansted and ruin a few holidays !"


Anonymous said...

might it be possible that Lily Kember of Plane Stupid is related to Norman 'unwillingly rescued by the SAS in Iraq' Kember?

I'm putting 5p on it that a tradition of 'activism' runs in the fambly.

If they're really into raising profile of sources of climate change then they'd be better off chaining themselves to the local refrigerator shop.

But that wouldn't spoil anyone's day, would it.

Rob said...

They prevented someone from flying to Ireland to attend their father's funeral. They really are a bunch of c*nts.

They aren't doing it because they care about 'global warming' - they are doing it because they enjoy the power they have to disrupt other people's lives.

Anonymous said...

Managing dissent!

Elite sanctioned protest.

Dammitall! said...

Well, I suppose many conservative types voiced similar dissatisfaction at the disruptive actions of the suffragettes.
GK Chesterton and his chums put a class spin on it too: "It's not Votes for Women but Votes for LADIES!" said they.
I hate noise soI'm jolly glad I don't live very near an airport;and I'm not at risk from the crashing injustice of a compulsory purchase order. But I generally find myself helplessly mouthing off at motorists when I want to cross the road. And I ask myself "what right have these people got to poison the air in my lungs?"
I don't imagine it was anyone's desire specifically to prevent attendance at family funerals.
Similar misfortunes have befallen many as the result of transport strikes, but that's the "working classes" not the children of QC's pulling that off, so THAT'S all right then!