Saturday, August 02, 2008

Where's He Gone Now ?

"He" being James Hamilton. As I was trolling my way from post to post this arvo, I came upon Paulie's (not Wolfgang, the other one) repost of a James Hamilton classic from way back. James had then removed his old blog and created a new one devoted to the psychology of sport.

Now that's gone as well, unless he's moved and my links are out of date, which they generally are.
But the power of Google didn't find him on the first couple of pages, anyway.

Anyone know where his work has gone and where he is ? He's such a good writer, 'twere pity to lose his work. And I'd like to retrieve a comment I posted a while back - about the amazing Harry Sharratt.

UPDATE - both Paulie's and my links are indeed out of date. Thank you Blognor. James is still very much with us here.