Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moron Shall Speak Unto Moron

The BBC gets more educational by the day :

"The scheme follows the psychological principle of rewarding good behaviour" announced the newsreader on Radio Four's 6 pm news last night. She was explaining to the poor ignorant masses the sound science behind the new scheme to pay smackheads not to take drugs.

Drug users are to be offered vouchers for things such as gym membership and to pay utility bills to encourage them to comply with treatment programmes.

The National Treatment Agency in England is piloting the incentive scheme at 15 sites starting this week.

It will be the first time incentives have been used in such a way.
The first time, eh ? That's not what Mark Easton was reporting last year (when the incentives - wait for it - were vouchers or drugs), but no matter. Nor does it matter that the anonymous BBC editor seems to be rehashing the NTA press release.

The point is that the BBC's message just doesn't seem to be getting through. Let's take the reactions of a typical household - the Tall family of Weatherbury in Dorset, gathered round the tea table.

"The scheme follows the psychological principle of rewarding good behaviour"

All : "No it doesn't ! It rewards STOPPING bad behaviour !"

Middle : "Where's the reward for OUR good behaviour ?"

Youngest : "Dad ! Why don't you do heroin for a while, then stop ?"

Alas, despite the BBC's best efforts to share the insights granted to our betters, the Great British Public remain mired in ignorance.

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Steven B said...

Smackheads huh! They have to be lowest form of life. If indeed they qualify as living creatures...

At the bus stop this morning, smoking a cigarette while waiting for the bus. Along comes local smackhead.

'Can I buy a fag off you mate?'.

Nope, it's my last one (I lied).

'Can I just have a puff then?'

Er, no it's MY LAST ONE (I lied again).

'Can I have it when you've finished with it?'


Smackhead looks baffled then staggered off. Lady in the queue says he's always doing that and that he'd probably offer 5p for a fag!

I work hard for the best part of an hour to afford one pack of cigs. This prat almost certainly hasn't worked a single minute of his miserable life and expects others to provide for him. Scum.

Theodore Dalrymple has a theory that junkies don't become criminals. It's vice versa. They're ALREADY scumbags before getting into drugs. It's one I tend to agree with.