Thursday, May 15, 2008


I wanted Rangers to win, but win or lose this was a pretty predictable headline. I was in Manchester in 1974 when Rangers played at Old Trafford in a 'friendly'. United supporters were hiding their scarves as they got off the train at Victoria and 'the violence was the worst Old Trafford has ever seen'.


Anonymous said...

Lordy, who would have thought that inviting 120,000 Glaswegians to drink themselves blind in the centre of an English city on a hot day could have ended like this?

Though actually, it was all pretty tame. I thought it could have been a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing was gonna kick off from the start, when the police and manchester council basically said 'don't come, your not welcome'. Plus the police commanders clearly are incompetent. Oh, and I bet most of the trouble was caused by English Rangers fans.

Harry J said...

... and I'll bet it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Funny, 80000 Celtic fans got drunk in Seville - no trouble. Similar number of Huns head down the road and the constabulary take a beating.

English Rangers fans? You've clearly never been in Bridgeton on the day of an Old Firm game.

I'm only saying.