Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is Brown Doomed ?

Martin Kettle and Matthew Parris think so.

Blair's timing in leaving was brilliant, as ever. The economic good times for capital, a product of the credit boom, cheap Chinese goods and low cost-inflation (partly thanks to mass immigration), seem to be over. He stepped off the deck just as the rising water was at a comfortable level.

If only his political genius could have been used in a good cause ! Think what he could have done if, say, he'd been Prime Minister for ten years !

As ever, the great glory is reading the comments by demoralised Labour supporters. If one's country is going to be ruined, one may as well extract such sour amusement as offers itself.

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Sgt Troy said...

"Essentially we took the view that unbalanced growth was better than no growth at all - which was the only other option we had," the Governor of the Bank of England remarked in 2003."

Living a lie has done the dysfunction bastard's head in, and he has turned into a mentalist twat.

But he cannot be forgiven, not him nor all the City scum. They should all hang.