Friday, December 21, 2007

Tides "Should Be Illegal", Says King

In a press conference at Winchester, King Cnut of England announced plans to outlaw the twice-daily tides which disfigure the coast of England.

"The government is carrying out a wholesale review of the laws around prostitution, with the aim of reducing demand ..."

This is another example of a government unable to enforce the existing laws, so creating some new ones.

"It would counter international human trafficking which sees girls bought and sold by criminals in the UK"

That kind of thing is ALREADY illegal. But as with every aspect of immigration, the government are unable to enforce the existing laws. The political will is not there. Much easier to "solve" the prioblem by criminalising the punters.

It's all of a piece with the responses of the last 20 years, by both parties. Unable to deal with a culture which produces shootings and stabbings, the only solution is to make it harder to get knives or guns. Rising knife crime ? Make knives harder to buy. Gun crime ? Make handguns illegal. You can judge the success of those two policies yourself.

Even the Magistrate thinks you're bonkers.