Monday, December 03, 2007

Sleaze - Labour going critical

Like neutrons multiplying in a runaway reactor while the technicians desperately insert boron rods, it's becoming hard to stay on top of the Labour sleaze stories.

Up in the Land O'Cakes, Labour leader Wendy Alexander appears to be living on borrowed time following her statement that a loan from a Jersey (i.e. offshore) businessman was legal, being sourced from a UK company. Alas a rather unfortunate Word document has popped up, showing a list of donors - the relevant cash showing a Jersey donor, and flagged 'permissible ?'. To put the tin lid on it, the Word doc bears the name of the owner of the computer - Ms Alexander's husband. Mr Eugenides (parental advisory) is distraught, but is hoping to be a shoulder to cry on for the lovely Wendy.

But the most magnificent Labour sleaze story of all is over at Sam Tarran's (who incidentally is posting some cracking stuff at the moment). It's got the lot.

A former Labour mayor and his wife have been jailed for swindling state benefits to pay their daughter's private school fees.

You couldn't make it up.