Friday, November 16, 2007

Brits Out !

THe Brits are getting out - and everyone else is getting in.

Latest annual migration statistics show record levels of people leaving the UK - and records numbers arriving. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest 591,000 people migrated to the UK in 2006 while some 400,000 people moved overseas.

Because so many people emigrated the rate of population growth has been the lowest for three years. Just over half of those leaving were British, according to the annual report on long-term migration trends.

The options of former years - moving to Devon or Wales - are restricted by high house prices. And anyway, destinations "within the UK have become increasingly dispersed compared with previous years". Run, run, run - but you sure can't hide.

Those with the skills or the money are leaving Old England. And being more-than-replaced by ?

The largest group of new immigrants were from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, outnumbering those from Poland and other EU states. Work remains the most reported factor for immigrants, but those arriving to study for at least a year reached a new high of 157,000.

I'm sure all those are bona-fide students. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the source countries there.

Chain migration is looking pretty healthy, too. A record 98,000 arriving to "accompany/join" (Table 2).

And as ever, England is the destination. Look at Table 3 for 'incoming'.

England - 530,000. Scotland - 38,000. Wales - 15,000. I'm surprised Alex Salmond hasn't demanded his fair share.