Friday, October 19, 2007

Rasputin Responds

When 138 Muslim scholars addressed the open letter "Oi mate - a quiet word in your ear" (pdf) to Christian leaders, I suggested that Rasputin would be one of the first to enthusiastically endorse it.

Rasputin will be well up for it, I'm sure. He might even agree that no mullahs in same-sex relationships be appointed to British mosques for a year or two.

He certainly seems quite keen.

In this country, in which we are together both British citizens and citizens of heaven, love of neighbour could happily be our watchword for the year ahead. My hope is that we shall be able to demonstrate the meaning of neighbourly love towards those around us, whether of faith or not.

Hope springs eternal. My fear is that the meaning of neighbourly love is likely to become all too apparent in the years ahead. It may not be neighbourly love as understood by the Mad Monk.