Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brits Out !

"Record number of people leave UK"

The replacement of the English continues ... and given that to get into US/Canada/Australia/NZ you need to be youngish and qualified, it's good people we're swapping for some not so good.


Yaffle said...

...though interestingly, Pakistan is listed among the destination countries too - hardly somewhere the brightest and best of our native population would flock to.

I'd heard recently - I think it was something on R4 - of middle-class Pakistanis cheesed off with Britain returning to the mother country. Would like to know more if anyone can oblige.

Anonymous said...


That came up in a radio 4 feature sometime in the last couple of months (can't see it on the KGB site). But it turned out that cheesed off Pakistanis - no "offensive" abbreviation here, we're Brits aren't we! - were looking out for jobs in Dubai.

Don't think Dubai has capacity to absorb all that many cheesed-off non-residents. Better than Beirut now though; wonder what happened there?

Anonymous said...

I'd leave Britain too if there was a good Western-ish country to go to, but most seem to have the same problems.
The biggest thing that concerns me is the weakness to crime, people can commit child rape and only get 2 or less years in jail.
I'd fear having children in this country.

Anonymous said...

25% of UK babies have a foreign parent

Anonymous said...

woops wrong url.
25% of UK babies have a foreign parent

Its not us who left Britain, its Britain that left us.

tolkein said...

In the period from the 1600s onward England was always an emigrating country. Whether from the country to the cities, or to the colonies and Empire. Where do you think Australia and NZ and South Africa and Canada and the US got their population from? (And French in Canada were a minority, and I know about the Dutch in SA)

And its pretty universally true that it's the young and ambitious who emigrate.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't say much for the remaining gene-pool then, does it.

Anonymous said...

And it's been going on a while too.

Last year an aunt of mine died, and we had an inter-continental family reunion at her graveside. Us five nephews compared notes: 25 kids between us, of which the 3 who stayed in the UK had 8. We're talking nearly all private school kids, now entering class universities around the world.

I mean Jesus H. fucking Christ - I could have been part of the world population explosion! Why did I fuck up by sticking with my country? Give me my time again and OH YES, I am so out from under the PC feminist dead-donkey government of the UK. Give me Churchill or give me Death.

OK I'd better shut up now, but you get the idea.

Clyf said...

Good morning!
Just wanted to bring to your attention a hilariously typical Guardian article today about immigration called something like 'Brazil without the sunshine'. It's in their Comment is Free section. I'm sure you'll have some thoughts on it...