Friday, July 13, 2007

Homicidal Loony Alert

Stand by !

Robert Mone will soon be out !

For his part in the killings, Mone was deemed a risk to national security and jailed for life, but in 2002 his sentence was revised to 25 years under European human rights laws. Prison chiefs are preparing Mone for release from HMP Shotts, where he was transferred two years ago.


JuliaM said...

" 2002 his sentence was revised to 25 years under European human rights laws."

Human rights that only apply to convicted criminals, not to any innocent bystanders, I presume..?

"He has undergone a rehabilitation course..."

And we all know how effective they are!

"Ms Smith also called for a "major review" of the way European human right rules permit the release of violent prisoners in Scotland."

We'd like that in England, Wales, Northern Ireland too, thanks very much. Will any politician call for it?

Alan G said...


tut tut, you really haven't caught on to the liberal ideology that we should all embrace:

Prison doesn't work...

Martin said...


His father was killed by another inmate in Craiginches Prison, Aberdeen in 1983.

Everyone breathed a bit more easily.

JuliaM said...

This story is odd:

"Edward Brown, prosecuting, said the attacks were religiously motivated.

"The only possible explanation is that in his deluded state he was putting into action his belief that those of other religions should be killed.""

So, what religion was he and why was it not mentioned....?

Laban said...

JuliaM - the guy's a Christian

JuliaM said...

"JuliaM - the guy's a Christian"

Yup, I thought as much.

Odd that the usual suspects aren't crawling out of the woodwork to say "See, it isn't just Muslims!", isn't it...?

Laban said...

ah, but he's a black Christian. I haven't quite worked out where that stands in terms of Victims Poker points, but I imagine 'black' trumps 'Christian' and so Guardianistas will avoid making too many 'religion of peace' jokes about it.