Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"I do not address white people"

Reality vs the moonbats (not that I can talk, with one or two of my commenters) in this Zimbabwe thread at the always reliable Ligali.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! It's the African 'Daily Kos'!

Anonymous said...

The third comment on that thread gave me a sliver of hope. Maybe he doesn't "address white people" - and how I wish sometimes some of our own Blacks would just stop addressing us! - but what he says to his co-racials makes good sense.

Dude did you see the pictures of the man? he notes. No racist supremacist nation can be at fault for that. Mugabe was once a freedom fighter but he leaves me awe in his refusal to see that he is doing the same thing to his people as his oppressors did to them in the past. For your police force to inflict the damage that was shown against an unarmed man just for speaking out against what he thinks is wrong is wrong in itself.

Did you read that last line? Did you appreciate it? He is admitting that Mugabe's rule is as harmful for native Africans as European Colonial rule was. Now, all he needs to do is study the history of his land with an equally unsparing eye, and see that the original oppressors of his people were his own people, that in the slave trade supply usually preceded demand.

But that's expecting too much all in one go. He's already aware of what a disaster Marxist revolution has been in at least one African country. And he's got pride in his Volk, yet is willing to see its faults and to rectify these instead of whining to the whole world about his oppression. If I was an African, I'd have him over a million turncoat Uncle Toms who go to the White Man's Land and play their radical word games for the inexplicable amusement of the elite section of their hosts.

Anonymous said...

In that Zim thread. I note the token white liberal girl (Hayley) was sent away with a flea in her ear.