Friday, March 09, 2007

Prominent Posts

Peter Briffa with the last word on Patrick Mercer, sacked for what the Indie calls an 'attack on black soldiers'.

Patrick Mercer: racist, quasi-racist, semi-racist, paleo-racist, or was he simply exhibiting the dark underbelly of racism that lurks beneath the surface of the Tory Party, and which David Cameron is doing so much - yet not enough - to eradicate ?

Wat Tyler on our new idiot Lord Chief Justice - a worthy successor to Lord Woolf.

We don't care if the jails do fill up with geriatric lifers. After all, the top judicial benches already are.

I wrote a while back on how the left were taxpayer-subsidised :

All over the country there are 'funding streams' washing about. Most start at the Home Office and EU, and meander through swamps of bureaucracy before ending up in some sociology grad's budget.

Scott Burgess and his little helpers are doing some sterling work on this. By one, by two, by three - the asylum industry (white liberal employment division), the Arts Council, and Camden Council.


David said...

David said...

ARRSE Link here

Foxy Brown said...

I think that Camden Council has one of the highest council tax levies in the country. Evidently much of the budget appears to be going towards worthwhile causes.

Dave said...

Question, who said this?
"We face new pressures that will force changes in how land is used and managed, from demographic change to climate change. Preservation of the status quo is not an option."

hint, not Robert Mugabe.

verity said...

Don't know, Dave. But a socialist. They love sayings like "Doing nothing is not an option." Who said it was, you bossy Marxist lump of rotting garbage?

So, OK, who was it? Tony Blair, I'm guessing. Or one of the slithy toves that slither round the cabinet office?