Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Comic Relief II

No conflict of interest here :

Ellen Gee Foundation
A British social policy and research body dedicated to:

  • researching the experiences of lesbians and gay men in relation to a range of social policy issues;

  • highlighting where discrimination and disadvantage occur;

  • identifying gaps in knowledge and provision;

  • promoting a social policy agenda that addresses these needs.

Established by a group of lesbians and gay men with experience of working on these issues as service providers, researchers and funders, with aims to address the lack of information available to policy makers, mainstream service providers and funders about the needs of lesbians and gay men.

Among their aims :

facilitate access to statutory and non-statutory providers of funding and related assistance;

And among their founders :

Gilly Green (Founding Chair): UK Grants Manager at Comic Relief.

UPDATE - if this (the Diana Memorial Fund's announcement of a £3K grant for a launch conference) is correct the Ellen Gee Foundation was at the time actually BASED c/o Comic Relief.


Voyager said...

Go over to Melanie Phillips Blog and read the item on Belgium by Paul Belien and the empowerment of salafi Islamists by the Belgian State.

The relevance to Comic Relief and GLBT Propaganda ? Simply this, the ramparts of the Nation State have been taken by its enemies, they are now working to open the gates and lower the drawbridge to effect full takeover of the castle and its destruction after looting.

For some reason people are especially tolerant in Britain of incompetece on a scale which is impossible to be uncoordinated; no random selection could put so many deadbeats in positions of authority capable of such unbelievable incompetence.

It is not random, it is not accidental; it is systematic and consistently in the direction of deconstruction of the society and realm

Anonymous said...


is not a registered domain hence no Website exists...anyone else can cybersquat for £6 and block it out

Matthew said...

And the point of this little vignette is?
A few people are trying to change perceptions and are given a small bit of money. They use an address they already use (to save money/not waste resources?) And this is so reprehensible you want to flag it, and poor old Voyager wants to have a generalized rant, (heh heh, keep taking the tablets dear chap), but why are you flagging this?
I read you every week and this one really has me puzzled..

Anonymous said...

'change perceptions' - that's good, like that one. Of course, back on Earth, we call that 'campaigning' - not hitherto known as a charitable activity.

Finding out that there are folks playing both sides of the street is just the cherry on top. Must make for some interesting presentations for funding:

Hello, me, I appreciate me taking taking time out to see me.

Well, we always like to support up and coming activists like myself. Now, why don't I tell me about some of the things I've been doing recently.


Voyager said...

and poor old Voyager wants to have a generalized rant

Matthew..the one addicted to tablets is clearly yourself. How odd your comments are...but you clearly have limited powers of discernment and awareness.......can't be helped, don't let it get you down

eshop600 said...

What is this charity you speak of?

Matthew said...

Well, as a pill popper, with no facilities of discernment or awareness I still fail to see what the fuss is about. Is it just the homophobic blather it appears to be? Play amongst yourselves gentlemen, no-one really minds.
Just a shame to see tosh, (and it's no more important than that), on an otherwise interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

Is it just the homophobic blather it appears to be? Play amongst yourselves gentlemen

as no doubt Matthew does

apopleptic said...

Has anyone here reported this lot to the Charity Commisioners?