Friday, October 20, 2006

You'd Have To Have A Heart Of Stone Not To Laugh

As church attendances continue to fall, a commenter at Thinking Anglicans has the answer :

I know that there are many factors governing the decline of church attendance. But how can it help to to continue to alienate those who are gay or lesbian? If we take the conservative estimate of 5% of the population as being gay, we, in the UK, are speaking millions of people who are denigrated and vilified by the church, and feel there is no place for them within its doors.

It's a pity I'm banned from the comments at their site (after all, diversity and inclusion is so important, isn't it ?) - otherwise I'd be replying to the effect that :

How can it help to continue to insist upon the Ten Commandments, thus alienating those people who are adulterers, murderers etc ? If we take the figure of 30% of the UK male population as having a criminal record, there will be millions of ordinary thieves and idolaters who feel that there is no place for them ...

Perhaps the 5% are converting to Islam.


Andrew said...

Laban, I am very intrigued to know what you did, or said, to get yourself banned from Thinking Anglicans .. care to enlighten us?

JohnM said...

Perhaps the 5% are converting to Islam.

Nah, spaghetti monster or jedi more like.

I tried to post a toned down version of your suggestion. We'll see if they let it past.

Dave said...

Ofcourse the other reason its a stupid idea is, the gays 'may' make up 5% of the population now but in a couple of generations how many will be left?
In years gone by people with gay feelings were pressured by society into marriage and therefore passed on their genes, but now thats not gonna happen as much.

verity said...

Five per cent is not a "conservative estimate". People use the phrase "conservative estimate" when they want their figures to be believed, but they have no scientific proof. The figure seems to be more like three percent. It may seem like more in some places, because gays, especially gay men, tend to congregate in large metropolitan areas.

I didn't know the Church was making them feel unwanted. Au contraire, the Anglican Church seems to spend an inordinate amount of time accommodating them.

As for converting to islam, that was probably written tongue-in-cheek as the punishment for the "sin" of being gay (as though it were a matter of choice), is death.

The Anglican church is a mess. Too many people fighting to show what mahatamas they are, how tolerant they are,how understanding they are, how non-judgemental they are to the point where no one would look to the Church for any moral guidance whatsoever.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Apparently accusing me of being an evil racist wife-beating domestic tyrant isnt enough to warrant a post being rejected (I've been having fun over there) so yeah Laban, I'd REALLY like to know what you did!

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

...and now after being accused of some pretty nasty things my replies are not being published. They realy are very nasty pieces of work arent they?