Thursday, August 10, 2006

Your Friendly Prison Imam

"... for many years I served part-time as Imam at Woodhill High Security Prison in Milton Keynes ..."

Sahim Mustaqim Bleher is an ethnic German and convert to Islam who has moved from far-left student protest in those heady days of yore, to ... well, to this :

He's lived in England for 25 years, and views it as a place of dreary weather and mediocre lifestyle, which the natives flee on cheap flights to escape "the backwardness of England, which started to become a haven for migrants from Eastern Europe".

England is, of course, controlled by the Zionists.

He thinks that the Labour Party's "domestic and foreign policies are now no longer distinguishable from that of BNP leader Nick Griffins".

Just the chap to introduce the blessings of Islam to disturbed young criminals in chokey, wouldn't you say ?


Anonymous said...

He Saved me from my self 15 years ago when i knew him as the prisons Muslim Imam. I am a Revert to Islam you see? To this day i still remember he was the one who gave help to me. we are not of the same race nor was i of the same faith back then.My opinion is that he conserns him self with finding out the truth and telling others in other words he rejects falshood.

Anonymous said...

Look at this list of people with Fake degrees !!!