Saturday, November 06, 2004

Thou Shalt Not Kill - Racist ?

We've had the 'offensive' school name, thanks to the inclusive Lib Dems.

In Holland it's the racist Ten Commandments.

"In the Netherlands, artist Chris Ripke reacted to the murder of Theo Van Gogh by an islamic fundamentalist by painting a mural with the text "Gij zult niet doden" ("Thou Shalt Not Kill"), one of the ten commandments of the Christian religion.

But because the head of the nearby mosque complained to the police that this was 'offensive' and 'racist', the cops came and sent in city workers to sandblast the mural."

He painted it on a wall - I'm presuming it wasn't the mosque's wall though.

Hat-tip - lgf, from whom I also pinched the county-by-county map of the US results.

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