Monday, August 25, 2003

Black American Conservative Writers

Well, OK - they're not all black - Michelle Malkin is Filipina - and they may not all be conservative. I'm not either. But what they have in common is a belief in personal responsibility, and an absence of the view that it's all whitey's fault. And they can write. A prize for anyone who ever gets to hear one of them on the BBC.

Larry Elder - provocative talk-show firebrand and author.

Michelle Malkin

Thomas Sowell. My favourite. Great writer, great site. I'd never heard of Eric Hoffer before.

Robert George

Charles Ellison

Mark Goldblatt

Deroy Murdock. Also writes for the Independent Gay Forum.

John H. McWhorter. Another fine writer whose position on black street culture is close to the UK's Tony Sewell.

Walter Williams. As already noted, a writer with a sense of humour. Read him at JWR.