Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Spanish Libido Falls

70% off condoms. Times may be hard but ... yet the seaside bars and restaurants were crowded, and if the young men dining their senoritas at harbourside tables were boiling with righteous rage, they kept it to themselves.

"City of Langreo - City without employment". A bit harsh - there are still plenty of hefty industrial plants about. Great pipework.

I think this is a Bayer plant, but I may be wrong.

They're two cheeks of the same fascist backside, I tell you! Some child in Gijon thinks there's not much between the socialist PSOE and the conservative PP. In Oviedo I saw graffiti supporting the Falangists.

Enough said.

There was a lot of graffiti directed at the housing boom/bust. Lots of half-finished and abandoned developments which obviously stopped when the bottom dropped out of housing. Still a fair bit of development going on though.


Anonymous said...

-70% refers to size, not price. :)

HyunChard said...

Lol. Are you kidding me? How could it fall??? Well then, if that's what's goin on better implement the use of aphrodisiac to help them regain their libido. :(