Friday, September 24, 2010

"Who's gonna rule when the government falls ?"

I was just thinking of loading the Ruts' 'Secret Soldiers' to Youtube, and blimey if someone called rustykwak hasn't beaten me to it. 7 views so far ... a doomy variation on 'Won't Get Fooled Again'. But a lot has changed since both these songs were written. Whatever happens, it won't be like this, or that.

Nothing new, but have we learned ?
In early days the spirit burned
To fight the fights of the oppressed
But they were shot down like the rest

So what's it going to be and how long now ?
Who's going to rule when the government falls ?


Sgt Troy said...

Yes. a very pertinent question I feel laban

Westminster "democracy" is a farce

I would like to see something on Cromwellian lines

Leviathan is better than anarchy; that was Hobbes' view after a previous ruling elite had failed so disasterously.

All the "citizens of the world" should go and live there, their presence pollutes the soil and air of England.

Anonymous said...

I trust you envisage a high-up position for yourself in the new Protectorate, Sgt Troy.

Rustykwak said...

lol sorry to piss on your bonfire but the economic times reminded of the track& I couldn't find it anywhere so uploaded it my self!